I had a two day rest this week to give my legs a wee chance to repair all the little micro tears on my muscles. It was a good idea as it 'appens, because this morning I went out on my 7K route and felt pretty darned good!

Getting my clobber on before a run now is almost like a religious ceremony. Mrs Dan is brilliant, as she always makes sure each article of gear is freshly laundered so as I don't offend the general public with repulsive old unwashed running gear!! Sometimes for a joke I say "I won't bother washing any of the gear darling, it'll last another outing" - to which her reply is "Noooooooo!!!!!" - Hahaha!

I have become particularly attached to my running tights. Don't worry, it's not sexual but there's something about the skin tightness of them, clinging against my skin which gives me a huge sense of freedom. I still wear my super tight lycra compression shorts underneath and I'm over any embarrassment I initially had about "man bulges" and the "peachy posterior" scenario and now quite happily burst out the front door, looking like a man on a mission!! Cue big LION ROAR!! AArroooorrrrrrr!!!!

I'm always incredibly interested in how each run is completely different - not the route I take, more how I react to each kilometre. I'd decided to do 7K today as yesterday we went to a friends wedding and took rather an unhealthy interest in the evening buffet which should have had a big sign above it saying "WARNING! DEATH BY CARBOHYDRATES POSSIBLE!". Having consumed slices of pizza, deep fried prawns in batter, stir fried noodles and anything else that I usually steer clear of these days, it was time to run off those excess ounces! - Now where was I ? Oh yes. Being surprised at each run. The first three kilometres felt absolutely fine and I kept to what I call my "7K PACE" which is roughly about 6'10 per K. I did try a short section where I would only run landing on the front of my foot, and to be honest I think if I could master this style it would benefit my speed. But as usual, after thirty paces doing this my calves started to say "Daaaan?? What the **** are you doing dude? I'm in f****** agony!". - So I reverted back to my shuffle/jog/running style.

There were loads of runners out along the Thames this morning between Twickenham and Richmond. I felt as light as a feather in my bright fluorescent yellow long sleeved running top, my blue running tights (with rather nifty yellow strip down each leg!) and Brooks shoes keeping me upright. I wasn't aware at the time but I was getting faster. The 4th, 5th and 6th kilometres - each one was faster than the previous one and I nearly fainted when I noticed later that the fastest lap was the 6th K!!! Normally I'm foaming at the mouth with exhaustion around this mark, screaming at myself "Oh dear Lord Jesus in Heaven, I'm gonna die I can't go on anymorrrrrrre!!!" - but not today! Even the final 7th K was a healthy 6 mins 10 secs.

A few lovely folk on here have said that I can eventually reach the Holy Grail distance of 10K if I just add a bit on each week. I have discovered that each of us progress at different rates and I know eventually when the time is right I will most likely get there. But for the time being I'm enjoying the fact that I can now run 7K without too much swearing and cursing and I'm gonna just enjoy that for a bit. When and if I go any further, you lot will be the second to know! Promise.

A long luxurious jacuzzi bath was my reward as I listened to four blokes on the radio discuss why Arsenal were tonked by Liverpool yesterday. Can life get any better than this? Yes it can! Because Mrs Dan had made her amazing homemade vegetable soup for luncheon, and I wolfed down a large bowl of the sacred chunky broth. Heaven.

Keep running out there folks. You're all amazing.



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28 Replies

  • Day-Z - (do you like my little play on Jay-Z) what a fantastic and positive post . Great run - and I know you have been plagued by injury in the past - so sooper dooper well done on the time and the distance. My times are no where near that - something I will aim for later in the summer. The 10k will come when its ready (or not and that is ok too). As for your running gear -- lovely if slightly alarming imagery....

    Happy days- are when we are in the running zone and all is well with the world :-)

  • Thanks SB. Appreciate that. By the way, I too was worried about the alarming imagery when I looked in the mirror - until I thought "ahhhh, sod it! I'm gettin' out there!"

  • Hi Dan, another lovely blog. How nice to have a Mrs D to look after you so well! You are getting some excellent times aren't you? WELL DONE! You are the inspiration to those behind you to persevere and improve our performances!

    All power to you to continue improving - you're our guru man!

  • Should I sit atop a mountain in flowing lycra robes and chant "Ommmmm" ???? I like the idea of that actually....

  • I do like reading your posts about your runs, they always have humour in them and make me smile/laugh. It's great that there's serious sides and humourous sides to this runing lark. It's what keeps me motivated. :-D

  • Thank you ThinLizzy! I like your handle by the way....they were a smokin' band weren't they?!

  • Ye they were crackin!! :-)

  • Great post dan , I look forward to reading about your runs & latest achievements they cheer me up no end . Keep up the good work .

  • Thanks Rockette. Now tell that ankle of yours to HURRY UP AND REPAIR!!!!

  • I'm sick of telling it lol .

  • fabulous blog as get to your 10k I know exactly what you need...10k panther running tights...tighter, naughtier, with a velvety sheen and leapard print for that extra VA VA VOOOOOOM...nice one DTG!!

  • You had me at velvety sheen......

  • Another lovely post Dan I do look forward to them, not out there at the moment, legs playing me up hopefully a few more days and I will be out again. Pat :-)

  • Awwww thanks Pat. Here's wishing you a special LEG RECOVERY!

  • Hi Dan, just wanted to let you know that your blogs are great, full of comedy and a real tonic! well done on your runs, i'm hoping that eventually i will be able to do 7k and beyond! I'm just recovering from tonights run, week 6 run 1, i always seem to find the first one of the week the hardest physically. Had a running partner for the first time tonight, he bought his GPS with him so have now discovered my route is 2.5 miles, so i guess thats around 4k? So i'm doing at least 7.5 miles a week i wasn't doing in 2013 so that good news! Look forward to your next installment.............!

  • Thanks aliboo70. Great news on your progress too. 4K is but a tiny weensy kilometre from the 5K marker and YOU WILL DO IT!

  • Sounds like a good run - although in my book any run where you don't think you are going to collapse or die is a good run Sure running tights make you go faster

  • Actually you're dead right on the "collapse" front! Hahaha! Yes, am sure I'm more aerodynamic now.

  • Running by the Thames.? Can you do that this week? I'm from the South West and it's a bit 'squelchy' under-paw here, so what it's like where you are now... TAKE CARE!

    Congrats on the running and the 7K. Keep it up, and keep up the excellent posts.

    BTW, when you say tights...just what are you referring to...some of the Mrs cast-offs, or proper running ones?

  • Yes the Thames near Twickenham and Richmond is fine and the path is all ok. Further down near ~Walton and Shepperton though it's starting to flood.

    Yes, the tights are proper running tights! I did try a pair of 10 denier sheer ladies tights but one of the neighbours called the police when I stood outside my front door and yelled "GERRRRONIMO!" so had to dash back inside. Apparently they were offensive? Odd. So yes, proper skinny clingy mens running leggings/tights......

  • Phewwww, I with the neighbour!!!

    Take care by the river. I run by water too, and to see the power it has is both impressive and scary.

  • I was hoping to sleep tonight - no nightmares sort of thing. I should have stopped reading at the headline. Seriously, made me smile - I think I'll go to bed chuckling.

  • I hope you had sweet dreams. I did until I was woken by the puppy at 4:00am!! I'm too old for this! Why did I do it?

  • I did sleep quite well surprisingly. Don't tell Dan. Is this puppy yours or does it belong to an offspring? If said puppy belongs to offspring, then offspring should be up at 4:00am! Then again like offspring, puppies aren't pups for long - go with it.

  • Technically it belongs to a 15 year old sprog, but as he works so hard, and rows/sculls 4 times per week I am prepared to do the duty. What a splendid father I am!!

    I console myself with the thought that what-goes-around-comes-around, and he will have his time to do this in years to come. Also, the Mrs does Friday night, so I can get a full nights sleep that night.

  • & hopefully if he becomes a father he will be an appreciative father too. (However, you know who's going to bond with this pup don't you? )

  • Your enthusiasm for the running tights brings to mind seeing Pamela Stephenson on a chat show discussing, of all things, Mantihose. She had a pair to show what they looked like. Tights for men and especially shaped to accommodate everything - very explicit! Thought this might amuse you, the audience certainly laughed.

    Now, how about the recipe for this home made vegetable soup that Mrs Dan makes? I make my own soups and another recipe would be great to add to my collection. Happy running and best wishes.

  • Mantihose eh? Hmmm.... and its my birthday next month......

    I'll ask Mrs Dan about recipe and ping it across to you soon.

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