Couch to 5K


Seems strange to say just a normal run ... but that is what is was ,no fuss no drama , week1 a distant memory but not forgotten :)

The 30 min runs really do seem with in reach and so achievable :D one more run on saturday then start Week9 next tuesday , sticking with my routine as it has got me this far :D

New head torch on order, current one is really pretty rubbish , my son will love it though :D :D

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Ha ha ! Listen to you...'a normal run'. I bet you didn't think you'd be putting that out there so nonchalantly 9 weeks ago did you ? Does that mean that you have got 3 runs a week seamlessly fitting into your lifestyle ? Well done !! You have made great progress.


Thanks Henpen :D haha I know , i can beleive it really :) just about seemlessly :D run tue/thur and sat :D having the 2 days rest between weeks worked for me :D


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