That wind is really getting on my nerves now! You can see by Winny’s ears how windy it is up here :( I hate the wind!!!!! It’s blooming hard enough this running carry on without having the elements against you.

Anyhoo, I’m happy enough with my progress. Not a Thoroughbred, more a Carthorse (oh for another 2 legs ;) ), but getting there.

Last Wednesday W7R2 ran 1.8 miles in 25 mins. Last Friday W7R3 ran 2.0 miles in 25 mins. Today W8R2 ran 2.4 miles in 28 mins. Legs aching a fair bit though and I felt a little queasy for a moment when I was pushing in the last minute :o . I think the first and last 5 minutes are pretty similar for me – both knackerising!

Will see about the run on Friday, there’s supposed to be a canny bit of snow up here, but I’ll be out weather permitting. Don’t fancy jogging on the spot in the living room :p !

Oh, and Julie, yes I've had enough of Julie! But I am so pleased to have got this far and met her :D ...xx


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20 Replies

  • Go you..A New Me...😊

    You are clocking up some miles now. That 2.4 miles isn't far off 3miles (almost 5k) and you have two minutes of running to add.

    My advice would be to graduate first then think about the distance though. You are doing longer running spells now and if you push too hard may open yourself to a strain or injury. Enjoy your last Week 8 run and go onto graduation week feeling confident and strong.

    It looks like you will be able to run for 5k in not much over the 30 min mark, which you were worried about before.

    Good luck 😊xxx

  • Thanks Jan-now-runs the fact that I can even run for 28 mins is totally mind boggling! Sure, I'd love to have a decent 1st 5k at some point, but now that I know it's not what the programme is really about, it doesn't bother me that I probs won't do C25K in the 9 weeks, but will do C230mins instead. This for me with my seasonal asthma is astounding...xx

  • Hello again... It's awful running in the wind so you should feel really pleased with yourself. Winston looks adorable! I love it when the wind blows Pippa's ears up, but still can't risk taking her on a run with me... I did W8R2 today as well, and improved on my last run. I'm still behind you though - 2.1 miles in 28 minutes - and I didn't have any adverse weather to contend with - it was pretty near perfect. No sun and a mild 12 degrees... I had shoe problems, but apart from that it was a great run and it's unbelievable to think that in 4 runs time (with luck and stamina) I'll have completed the programme. Good luck on Friday - I'm hoping my next run is then too, but it's forecast rain and I'm a wimp and haven't had to run in the rain yet..... :-)

  • ThanQ! Winny is adorable! I love him to bits and back again :D !

    Shame about your feet, hope they get sorted soon.

    4 runs to go makes me feel sad in a way - does it you :( ? We are all doing incredibly well and I'm blessed to have had the journey so far with such a cracking bunch of 'virtual' running friends...xx

  • Not sad, just thrilled to think I'm nearly there! I suspect I might feel a bit "flat" once I've done that last run...or the next day, anyway, but without sounding defeatist I know I won't do the 5K in 30 minutes, so I'll still have something definite to aim for. I only joined this forum the other week, and wish I'd done it sooner; there's such great support, like you say!

  • Well done and welcome to the Julie club ;) lol. Definitely a bit breezy today, and showery too here. Managed to get blown around and soaked 3 times today lol. Once on my run and twice when out walking the dogs :\ still I guess it's better than the snow they're forecasting ;) Good luck for R3. Almost there x

  • Been lucky so far as haven't got rained on during any of my runs (grabs log from next to stove) but tomorrow doesn't look like a good day does it?! Good luck to you too! That podium is only a few miles away now...xx

  • Well done! I'm on W8,R1 and ran 2 miles...and think that is amazing!

  • It is truly amazing, well done :D !

  • How is Winny enjoying the increased runs??!!

  • Winny would follow me to the ends of the earth, so that fact that he gets to spend time with me doing anything is the highlight of his day :) ! He's more muscly than ever now, and I will weigh and measure him next week to see how he's doing. He seems to enjoy the wind, might be all those extra smells whizzing past his nose...xx

  • Aww, he must be quite fit too! :-D

  • Wind is the absolute worst!! You absolutely deserve to feel proud of your progress, you're doing great! Surely you could never have enough of Julie?! ;P

    Wouldn't another two legs be fabulous...

  • LOL some of the tunes remind me of other songs, and I've quite enjoyed the playlists really! Is 'our Laura' on the podcasts after graduation? She's great isn't she...xx

  • I did too! Think we might have been the only ones who actually liked the music... I still listen to the podcasts occasionally just to switch it up a bit. I couldn't get on with the C25k+ podcasts but yes I believe she is still the guru.

  • Running into the wind is just resistance training - although I have to confess that if it's very windy I work out which direction it's going and try to plan a route so any uphill is done with the wind behind me!

    So many of us in W8 - strange to think only a few weeks ago we were dreading W5R3! And now we're talking about miles! And W9.

    Hoping to do W8R3 on Friday too. Weather forecast says the sun will come out at 3 p.m!

  • Oh, and if you'd run 2.4 miles at last Friday's pace it would have taken you 30 minutes! Another two minutes off your PB!

  • I like your thinking, yes resistance training! Will try and look at it that way from now on, thanQ :) .

    I can only really go in one direction and that's into the west wind because the grass verge isn't nearly as wide if I head east. I think once I'm able to head out sooner (about 6.30ish) then I'll go in that direction because there isn't as much traffic at that time of day - different vista too!

    Think I'll be running mid morning as the weather is closing in up here by the afternoon.

    It is one hell of a programme isn't it? We are capable of so much more than we can ever dream of...xx

  • Well done to you and Winnie ! Aww look at his ears ha ha :-)

    Glad you met Julie at last , its a rite of passage to Graduation :-) xxx

  • ThanQ poppypug it's been great running with Winston! Me and My Best Black Boy in the World Ever have had some challenging conditions, but have prevailed!!!

    I'm so glad I've taken part in this, the comradeship on here brings a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat! Fab folks...xx

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