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W8R2... No Trauma :-)

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Well nothing much to report.... 28min run (+ a couple of mins) and all went fine. Starting to think that something has "clicked" which of course makes me very happy. My pace was not fast and probably never will be, but my breathing was OK and my legs felt OK.

SO... if anyone just starting out is wondering if it gets easier... well yes it does... keep going!!! I can still recall my early weeks of gasping, aches and pains. I am not an athlete, i'm in my 50's, never done any running before and don't supplement my running with other exercise... so if I can do it, anyone can. :-)

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Well done Andy, and very well said.

The furthest I ever ran before this was to the local shop to get mi' fags before it shut ha ha :-)

Who'dve thought it hey ? Its suprising what we are capable of when we put our minds to it :-) xxx


well done Andy you are going great guns now :D fingers crossed the stormy weather is gone by time i get home and run tomorrow .!!

Only 4 runs for you now Andy :D :D

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Thanks Rob... hope the weather doesn't stop you running... anything more than a force 10 and i'll let you off :-)

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haha thanks :D i am looking to see if i can get off work a bit ealrier as well ,wish me luck :)


Oh heck Andy - graduation is almost in sight for you!! You run the risk of seriously catching the running bug and then life will never be the same not what age you are! Well done and keep going!


Sounds like it is all falling into place for you, well done & chuffed for you x


Thanks for all the support... dont think I would have got this far without the support from this site.

Definitely got the bug!! Already thinking about what comes next!! :-)


Well done, its great to hear of your success......from a new start :-)

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You go for it Cara... I'm just one if thousands of people who probably didn't think they would get past the first few weeks... but thanks to Saint Laura and the plan you can move forward!! :-)

Well done you :0). You sound like you are really enjoying your running. I met somebody at my running group tonight that had graduated in August and we were saying how it really makes you believe you can actually become a runner. Not long now....


Great stuff Andy.

It's a lovely feeling when you get fit and strong enough to enjoy it.



That's a great thread!!! This is the type of conversation that embodies what C25k is all about.

I feel all warm and glowy now I've read that little lot

Could be something to do with the fact that I've practically got my feet in the log burner!

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