Saturday run

Saturday run

Had a great run around beautiful Cambridge this morning. I didn't set out to do any particular route or distance, just went out to enjoy my town. Along the boardwalk by the river Cam, then down The Backs (the backs of all the colleges), then through the centre of town, a bit of a mistake with hundreds of Japanese tourists on bikes! I stopped to take photos whenever I saw a nice view, no pressure on myself this time to "keep going" non stop. I only covered 4KM but it was a lovey run! Sometimes we forget to enjoy our surroundings.. at least I do! I'm so happy to be home!

Kings College.

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  • What a difference a week makes. I am so pleased you found your inner runner and went out and had fun.

  • Really good to read you had a good run Curly. You are so right about just enjoying it. Easy to forget when we get wrapped up in our own stats/timings.

  • Sounds great Curly and looks beautiful

  • That's a lovely route, so glad you had time to enjoy your surroundings. It makes it so much more enjoyable. Happy home running!

  • Ooh I do love Cambridge. Sounds like a fantastic run. Well done for just enjoying it & for indulging in some piccies along the way. Life is too short & it is the weekend after all! X

  • Hi Curly

    Glad you enjoyed a good run in such lovely surroundings. It does your heart good doesn't it. Quite literally!

  • Corrrrr looks well gorge! I'm well jel. (using lots of teenage vernacular here to try and be cool, but failing miserably!)

    Well done on a lovely run. And 4K is GREAT!

  • Looks and sounds just luverley

    ;-) xx

  • Sounds like a fabulous run CG!

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