have I done to much to soon ?

so what do you people think, I inexplicably ran 10k on Saturday, 3k more then ever before, and felt amazing, BUT I havent been well since, I started feeling cold after my run, and its just grown. I haven't run since, feel to ill. Now my family are pretty much saying its my body telling me I am doing to much, stick to 5k etc. thing is I don't want to , I want to improve and be able to run further. Is my cold or whatever it is a result of my pushing myself ?


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  • Jumping from 7k to 10k in one go exceeds the 10% per week rule, GJ, and it might just be the reason why you are suffering. I for one wholly endorse that 10% rule ( having recklessly exceeded it in the past) and think that we new runners really do need to build up speed, distance and duration gently, especially those of us who have come to running at a later stage in life. It is so easy to overdo it. Take it easy. Take some rests and get well soon. I will be sending out positive vibes as I drive down to Mousehole tomorrow.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Mousehole, you will love it ! Dont forget to check out the Minack theatre, an awesome place. And yes I do believe I may have done it to myself , I didnt set out to run it thats for sure, but yes send those vibes, I need something

  • I will be working, so no running and no Minacking.

  • what kinda work at Mousehole ? work is thin on the ground around here ?

  • Hi, just got back from windy Mousehole last night. I am a joiner and I was refitting some sash windows which had been removed for renovation. I keep telling the owner to find someone local. Even though it is great to visit Mousehole to work, is is not very convenient and I didn't get home until 11 last night.

  • Oh GJ sorry to hear you're not well. Hope you feel better soon. I guess you'll never know if it was your run that made you feel ill or if you were starting with a cold before you went out but just hadn't developed symptoms yet. I often feel very cold about 10 minutes after a run, so always jump straight into a hot shower afterwards. Personally I wouldn't worry too much. Just makes sure you wrap up warm straight after your runs in future and maybe have something to eat to boost your blood sugar levels back up, especially as we're heading into the colder weather now. As for sticking to 5k, well that's your decision and no one else's. Do what you think is right for you. Hope you're fighting fit again very soon. Xxx

  • trouble with me is I dont take criticism to well ! Tell me no to, however kindly and I want to !

  • Me too Sweetie. A few months ago when I was talking about running, someone I know started going on about how, as you get older you should accept your limitations and stop trying to compete with younger people. I immediately promised myself I'd run 10k come what may!! ;)

  • Yep. Well said AM. Blx to that!

  • per xactly ( as my kid says ) AM

  • Think of it this way... criticism says something about the one that is doing it, not the one receiving it :) and when it comes to criticising running... I think it is just pure envy :)

  • I was saying that to OH this am, the ones who tell me to act my age ( well almost say that ) are the ones sat on their bums doing nothing

  • Sorry to hear the 10k took it out of you. It's a big step up but I think colds are just one of those things this time of year. Hope you feel better soon

  • Hi GJ no 10K isn't too much even at our age but you really broke the golden rule and did too much too soon. 10% increase is the recommended amount to add to extend your run distance gradually. Having said that I've run (not raced) 10K 5 times and every time it took me a while to recover from it, probably double the time that it takes me to recover from 7K runs. So before I went onto the injury bench I had decided that 10K was not a distance I would pursue too often. Try getting back out there with some walking first and see if that helps your body respond to exercise again, I'm sure its just a bit shocked at what you did to it. :)

    Don't push too hard too soon it could lead to a nasty injury which could take months to come back from. Good luck, stay positive. :)

  • I got over excited AM, that the 10 was in sight, not sorry, I now know I can do it, and the feeling was fantastic, but boy I feel sick :(

  • Hi GJ

    I bet you'll feel ok by tomorrow, once you've had a rest.

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling grim GJ. There are a lot of 'orrid viral pestilences going about this time of year and maybe your extended run coincided with bumping into one of them?

    Love your attitude though. NEVER accept limitations. They are for people who define comfort zones and stay there, which is fine for them if that is where they are happy. Lots of good advice above though, from those who know about 10k (not me ... yet), to keep within 10% rule.

  • yes dont plan on pushing it again soon, already working out shorter runs and runs to help me extend myself byu 10 %

  • Sorry to hear that you are not well. One thing worth remembering is that even people who don't do any exercise at all also get sick. You can never tell what is the cause. Now you are not well keep warm, take plenty of rest and go back to your running when you feel better. Try to increase your distance gradually, there is no rush and we have plenty of time to do more.

  • Tell the doubters - Running doesn't cause colds, germs cause colds.

    Sounds like you've just been unlucky and picked up one of the myriad cold bugs about at this time of year. You could just as easily caught it whilst ambling round the supermarket, or doing gardening.

    If anything the running would probably help ward them off, as your body would be fitter and in better condition for fighting off any little nasties.

  • I feel like saying ( but I'm to nice :) ) running is not interfering with my health, doing nothing is interfering with yours and thats why you cant walk, let alone jog

  • NOT running is interfering with my health now GJ so I agree with your statement 110% :)

  • but you must admit my retort was super nasty, see what happens when I feel poorly :( lol

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