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I think I've done too much

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I'm just starting out w1r3, but messed up r1 with trying and failing to run up some of the slopes near my house.  I've had a painful knee since then.  I' be done two more runs since then, and managed them OK, but my knee is really painful now.  It's a bit sore on the run, but afterwards it really gets painful.  I walked about 3 miles yesterday.  Stupid idea but it just sort of happened. 

Is there anything more than rest, ice & painkillers that I can do.  I don't want to lose momentum and start again if I don't have to, but I don't want to be even more stupid!!!

10 Replies
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Right now rest is the best thing, you don't want to injure yourself further.  Don't worry about losing momentum.  You sound determined and once that knee is feeling better you'll be right back in the saddle.

Once your knee does feel better, you might want to look into extra stretching and some strength exercises to help build up those muscles.

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Listen to those who know... and one who has the knee pain, (me). :)

I am being sensible,( really hard for me). I have not run since Tuesday and will not run until next Tuesday at the earliest, ( and slowly), if it has recovered.

I have just started a few simple exercises, but am being careful. Like runswithdogs says.. you won't lose fitness that quickly and you can build up again.

RICE is nice, and the right thing to do, helping me a lot!! I was silly and like you, I ran when I should not have.. so.. rest up and you will be fine... the run will still be there:)

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Greylady1Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks for that, it's already feeling a bit easier.  More ice and rest, and some stretching.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Greylady1

Gently does it :)

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It is best to rest, always gets me back on track.  I also recommend stretch and flex exercises, I do them almost every day and they really do free up the knees.  Try running on soft ground when u get back into it, that rests the legs and uses all round muscles, my legs work harder on grass but I get much less injury

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Greylady1Graduate in reply to JoolieB1

Thanks Joolie, I'm resting, icing and using ibuprofen.  It's much better today thankfully!

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Everyone is advising rest and stretching which is perfect so thought I could suggest some help with the hills as I did the same on W4R1 when my run started at the bottom of a hill and I had to start walking instead of running ☹ I have found a circuit at a local reservoir and know where the slopes are, including down which can be hard on knees. Knowing the circuit better and having a feel for how far a minute run is I try to make sure I am in the walk period when slopes come round, I gave also had some great advise to take it easy and not run too fast which is working - good luck!

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Greylady1Graduate in reply to Deneice

Thanks, I'm going to do that!

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Deneice in reply to Greylady1

How are you doing, have you managed to avoid inclines?

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From one grey lady to another, things do get better. As you get stronger, the niggles reduce. Go slowly and you will find it easier. It's early days yet but stick with it.  Once you get into it you'll enjoy it.  

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