I don't think I have the bug?

I haven't enjoyed many runs since the beginning of week 7. I've hated a lot of them. I started running as having recently lost a lot of weight and got fit and I entered a 5k as I just wanted to say I had done it once. Someone mentioned the c25k and I was off.

I lost the weight for health reason and have been doing alternate cardio and weight training to try and help tone up what I have been left with which is skinny legs, no bum and all my fat round my middle. Running is working wonders and my shape is already changing for the better.

I get the urge to run, like today I decided I was going to take a break as was out paddle boarding yesterday but woke up this morning wanting to run. The problem is once I get out there I will just want it to end. Has anybody else felt like this and did it work out in the end. Can I make myself love it by just persisting and keeping going? I don't want to stop because of the health and toning benefits but know that I have a much better chance of keeping going if I love it. Tell me its so 😬


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  • I like trail running best. Maybe a change of venue would help inspire you

    Running on trails, over different terrain really works your abs, legs and feet and you can feel you core and back strongly. I ran quickly through thick woodland yesterday with soft trail under my feet then stone and slippy scree. I like the transitions and changing pace etc to cope. You have to look where you are going but check your feet too. I ran on a beach last week for the first time

    So I would at least try some changes of routes before jacking it in. I did a short fell race too which was amazing 😁 Maybe more challenging runs would float your boat, such as obstacles etc 🏃‍♀️💪✔️

  • Might not work for you, but try Parkrun if there are any close to you. Like you, I struggled, hated running, was not enjoying it and wanted to give up. In fact I'd tried C25K several times before, at least 10 times, and each time I gave up at about week 4 or 5.

    This year two things changed, I'd started C25K app on my own, had got to week 5, was just about to give up when I found this Forum and also discovered Parkrun. I would do the programme twice during the week and then again I would do the third run of each week at Parkrun. Once graduated my goal became running a 5k Parkrun in under 30 mins. My times have gone from 39:45 to 31:04. I have entered my first 5k road race on Friday.

    I don't enjoy every run. In fact I probably dislike 70% of them. But for the 30% of runs where I feel comfortable and at ease the feeling is fantastic. I can feel myself getting stronger, faster and more confident.

    Perhaps also join a running club, it is great running with a group. Our local Athletics club has all levels taking part. Last Thursday I ran a total of 10k in 3 separate runs. I would never have done that in a million years if not part of the running club.

    Best of luck. It is really hard, 2 months after graduating I'd love to say it gets easier, but you will definitely be stronger. After getting this far there is no way I'm ever giving up now, onwards, sub 30 min 5k and sub 60 min 10K await. There will be an awful lot of hard, difficult, hateful runs before now and then, but I'll love some of them and I'll get there.

    You will too. Keep going. Try Parkrun and try a running club.

  • Thanks for that. I did almost exactly as you've done. I started park run after week 5 and am entered in a 5k on the 26th August. My aim is for under 30mins and am running at 33:00 at the moment. I think once my race is out fo the way I can relax a bit without worrying about the time. I wouldn't do a running club as am Asperger's and not good with people. Gives me some hope though :)

  • Thanks for that. Will try mixing it up a bit. I have no intentions of stopping running at the mo but know from previous experience that I have a better chance of running long term if I love it.

  • You are not alone, In The beginning I was exactly like you. I used to wake up excited that it was a run day, wait in Anticipation then go for my run and hate every minute of it. Then afterwards the glow lasted for the rest of the day and made me feel a million dollars. For me it was worth it for the before and after. Somewhere along the line it changed, I love the actual run now as well as the before and after. I'm sure it will quietly change for you, you will just be out on a run one day and a smile will creep across your face and then you will know it's happened 🙂. For now though just the before and after feeling are so worth going out for.

  • I find it challenging. I don't go out thinking I am going to spend a blissful half-hour, but more than I am going to put myself through my paces. For me the rewards come from the feeling that I have done it, and long term the rewards are how I look and feel compared to this time last year. If there is something more, then I am missing it too.

  • As I said in my reply to your other post... change of direction.. as misswobble suggests...different routes and things..:) Time to shake it up a bit and have fun trying out different things...:)


    " Of all the running paths you take, make sure some of them are dirt".

    I, like many of us , love them!

  • I had a rough week of runs, trying to catch up on missed ones so have been a bit meh. Yesterday on the trail though the mojo was still there. Running through woods like a kid again. Running like a ninja to avoid the anglers seeing me as I'm not supposed to be there at the waters edge as it's Their private club 😎

    Mixing things up is key. I go off road at the drop of a hat to explore pastures new . Sometimes it's good sometimes not 😃 Intrepid explorer be 💪✔️🏃‍♀️👍

  • I think this is normal,have you read run fat bitch run by Ruth fielding she explains that a lot of runners feel like this but it's the after effects that most enjoy

  • Thanks for all the replies am feeling a lot better knowing that other people have felt the same. Onwards and upwards.

  • Took advice and went out tonight with just my music and no expectations and a change of scenery. Gorgeous night running along the prom where I ran until I was ready to stop and then got the tram back. Nice to run in a straight line and not be thinking about routes and when to turn round. I run better on an empty tank with really low carbs. Ran for 29 mins when I looked and ran 4.5k so happy with that for now. Will do a trail run next for my poor knees lol

  • I'm glad you posted this. I started feeling a bit despondent this week.

    I am a bit down in general too at the moment.

    I have just done (literally) run 1 of week 7. I miss the breaks not because I am feeling tired but it gives a bit of variation to the 30 mins. I did get into the right head space mid run today - i.e. forgot I was doing it lol (I do that with swimming too and sometimes it is the reason I go) so that's a good sign.

    I must stop comparing it to swimming because it will never be as good for me. The main advantage is that I can walk to the park but if I ever move or they let me swim in the boating lake in the park, I may never touch land again!

    I have a race for life in September. When I was "persuaded" to sign up, I had never walked (but yes had swam) 5k let alone run it. I am keeping this a my focus and any fun I have on the way is a plus:)

  • Just wanted to come back and update this as for me it was not having enough carbs. I low carb but if I run low carb I struggle and am miserable. Am going to play around with different combos and test my blood glucose to see if I can find the sweet spot for me.

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