Long time no post ... but I'm still running!!

Don't come on here as often anymore, but still running - it had slipped to only twice a week, but I'm on a mission again now .... really embracing the interval training at the moment, having got stuck in a rut doing the same 7k route each time I went out, I decided that it would be good to mix things up a bit! Intercal training definitely does that (plus being a shorter podcast there's no excuse!!!)

Have introduced my 2 brothers to C25K, one's at W5, the other W6 ... family fun ;) ... along with our legendary competitiveness ... look out!!!

Happy running!

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  • Well done Folliegirl. Good work on the siblings too!

  • Thanks x

  • Great stuff. Have fun all of you!

  • Brilliant really ..who'd have thought it!!! x

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