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Long Time.. No posts... but still loving the bling!!

Been a little while since I last posted and to be honest the time that I had to run seemed to disappear what with the poorly mother and a house move... but I'm still alive, getting out more now and still loving the bling as I come up to my 2 year runiversary.

Last night I completed a 15k night run... my first time running in the pitch black countryside with a head torch. Then, this morning I completed the 3rd of Bath 2 Tunnels 10k races... great fun with one of the 2 tunnels about 1 mile long. Next weekend I've got the Bristol Half Marathon.. hopefully I'll do better than last year!!

Although I haven't posted much, its great to read all the posts from so many new runners. I know life gets in the way sometimes, but i'm so glad I got back out there once life had settled a bit. Still not very fast and I can still run/walk quicker than I can run!!!

Happy Running and hopefully I'll try to post more in the future :-)

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Wow! A 15k last night and a 10k today - your definately still loving your running Andy! I absolutely love the idea of jigsaw bling too!! That is just a brilliant thing🙂 Lots of luck with your HM next weekend...walk in the park for you, I reckon!🙂


Hi Andy !

This is so spooky, I was thinking where you were as I had just read Robs post and I remember you two went through the programme at the same time , and as if by magic, here you are - Taa Daaa !

A 15k and a 10k in 2 days - Wow, Well done you ! Oh you gotta love the bling haven't you ?

They look great !

Yep, life does get in the way , but its really good to hear from you and its great that youre still getting out there and enjoying your running .

All the very best for your HM next week ! :-) xxx


Me too Poppy! :)

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Nice to hear from you Andy! looks like you're going great guns despite all the obstacles that crop up (hope you mum is ok?)

full on for you with last night and today, you must be knackered! lots of adventures! Will look forward to next weeks Bristol half run report! :)

Lovely bling, i guess they all link together? Great medals :)

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Nice to hear from you AndyD. Sounds like everything is going very well.

Lovely bling!


Certainly making up for lot time - good luck!!


Those all sound really interesting races, and I love that bling!


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