I'm still running ( jogging )

Wasn't sure what to do after graduating but I tap 30 mins into my phone every other day and off i go! Hubby is gobsmacked that I even got past W1. BUT who knew breathing when running was so hard? I'll keep at these 30 mins until they are easier on the lungs. :-D

I keep trying to upload photos but without success I'll keep trying that to


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  • Good for you to keep going. Maybe try downloading the C25K+ Stamina podcast and running to that: it has graduated runs where you start off slowly and get faster after 10 minutes and then faster still. It will help you perhaps to judge at what page your breathing is easy. Then you can work on slowly building up from that pace?

    I have been trying to use my breathing to help me judge pace (counting 4 beats/steps to breath out and 3 to breath in - if am running so fast that I'm breathing in on 2 and out on 2, know I'm about to collapse. lol )

  • Thanks I will try the counting and the download :) One of them has got to help

  • Well done for keeping it up. I had two goodish runs after graduation and even managed 4,5 k once, but the last two were bad and I did not even manage the full 30 minutes. But it was also very hot, so it will get better. I am sure it will get easier for you at some point.

  • One day we will write 30 mins doddle! I don't think I will ever get to the dizzy heights of 5k in 30 mins, but its nice to have support on here even after we've graduated. :)

  • Quite right! And that is a more important goal than 5k in 30 minutes!

  • Well, I am getting closer to the doddle bit. The solution is really to reduce speed to a baby steps pace which is not any faster than brisk walking. It is not that easy and you don't cover much of a distance, but it can be quite enjoyable. Still working on it.

  • Until recently it has defo been mind over matter. Then on Sunday I got up and thought better get this out of the way, started my shuffle/jog and was in two minds to cheat and take the nice down hill route but the braver half of me won and I kept going on the very slightly uphill gradient and I felt quite canny most of the way. It was one of the first times where I've felt maybe I could get the hang of this running thing!!! then with only 2 mins to go I hit my mental wall - took your advice and slowed right down and finished - Hooray. So out I go tonight - There is no choice, I've got to justify the cream cake I had at lunch time :)

  • Well done! Try starting particularly slowly and changing to your normal speed after about 10 minutes, works for me most of the time. I'll have to run tonight, too.

  • I really recommend keeping slow. You start to feel more confortable, enjoy the run more, and still build your fitness. If you're enjoying it more then you're more motivated to run again next time. It all makes sense really :)

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