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This is silly I know


So I'm now on week 7 but wait.....I've been running on the spot in the comfort of my own home (more like jogging or fast walking or even slow walking) so not really running at all. I will complete this but would like to go back round and do it properly. Did anyone else feel a bit silly going out and running for the first time? I am really unfit and this makes me not want to go out running but I need to in order to get fitter 🙄

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Oh yes! I think that we all feel a bit self conscious the first time we step out. But in reality, no one really cares. People see us, but they don’t really notice us. Everyone has their own stuff to do, they are too busy and so we trot past them and they are busy thinking about their own things to notice you.

Sometimes though people say ‘good morning’ or ‘keep going’ and it really really makes me so happy.

If you are worried try to go out when it is quieter, or some people run the cemeteries, it’s flat so it’s easy to run and very quiet. Good luck.


You are certainly not alone with that fear. Many have had very hard work to overcome that. One lady completed the entire programme in her garden but is now out in the wide world under the sun.

Running on the spot us actually trickier than it sounds and if you've kept it up for the required durations you've done well and done your fitness the world of good.

You'll find it very different out and about but starting indoors will have certainly built your confidence 👍😉


I was horrified in the early weeks and found the most isolated places to run where there would be no one to see me😊

I live in a seaside town so this became impossible once the tourists started flocking in. I bit the bullet and thought well they don't know me anyway - but do you know what - no one cares if you are hot n sweaty and puffing along - people / other runners wave and say hello - but mostly everyone is too engrossed in their own stuff or phones to notice. Oddly it was slightly disappointing that total strangers didn't feel the need to comment on my running prowess😁

Good luck - nothing like running outdoors to lift your spirit xx


I was not looking forward to running outside in public but once I did I realised that no one was actually looking at me, no one was pointing and laughing.... no one actually cared other than me... you can do it, it’s the mental barrier you need to overcome

I was embarrassed about that too, but I find noise cancelling headphones are almost like a disguise for me - I’m in my own world, and though I am now certain no one would shout abuse at me as I run, I am more comfortable knowing I wouldn’t hear them anyway 😂 have to be careful with that though and make sure you are still aware of what’s happening around you, but I always run in daylight and never on roads!

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Also one of my favourite things about this so far has been spending time outside!

I went off early in morning when few were around... it was beginning to get into warm weather too so that was also incentive to run whilst it was cooler. ( I get very hot and red)

Now ... I enjoy early mornings in the cool fresh air and hardly see a soul ... just odd fix or rabbit or dog walker way for me.


Felt very shy about running in public at first but I do it. I’m really slow (a walker overtook me) and my dog runs round me in circles barking ecstatically so it is a bit of a circus but the payoff is how much better I feel and look - I’ve gone from struggling to find clothes that will button up to investing in a belt. Week 7 is a brilliant achievement though however you have done it


Thanks guys I feel much better about it all after reading this. I'll get through to week 9 but some running clothes and start again but this time actually run 🤣 and get outside


Yes, I’ve still not left the house and gone running without a drive! Only just started leaving the house in shorts 😂


Don’t forget it’s the NHS couch to 5k programme we’re following 😃👍🏃‍♀️

Programme notes are on a sticky on the right


Your experience is common and is addressed in the guide to the plan

Welcome to the forum.

Enjoy your journey.

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