Week 9. How did that happen?

Yesterday I did it! The full 30 mins. Over the last 3 weeks I seem to have developed a bit of a love hate relationship with this running thing. I have to drag myself out, I find every step hard at the moment but love the feeling of elation when I get back. I am not a natural runner at all and being a bit overweight I am sure is not helping. I want to feel more comfortable with it. Not sure if that will ever come. Only 2 more runs before I graduate. That will feel like an achievement I am sure! The 9 weeks seem to have flown by.

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  • Ditto!!!! You have put into words just how I feel ...... Did my first run of week 9 this morning ....... Good luck for your next two runs, if we done it once then we can do it again :D

  • Well done. So close. I'm just one run behind you. I also find every step hard but love the feeling of completing each run. What are your plans after you graduate?

  • I'm no where near the 5k, on Monday I just hit the 4K ...... So I'm intending to try, to increase my speed (which won't be easy as I'm a plodder!) and build up my endurance by trying to run for a longer time periods ... How about you?

  • Thanks for the comments. Glad I am not alone! Gmab51 I have just done 5 k but not worried at all about time at all. I read somewhere on here best to focus on distance or speed. 30 mins or the 5 k is an equally good result. My running style is 'beet root zombie'! Not sure what I will do next. Think I will just try to focus on trying to keep going 3 times a week for now.

  • Have you thought about the parkruns (free timed 5k runs) or race for life? thats what I plan to do to keep me motivated with running as I have 3 runs left to do (well I was going this morning until I saw the rain!!!)

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