W5R1 day today and the weather has been awful. I'm afraid to say I chickened out of running in the rain, the wind, and the wet, slippery leaves and went to the local gym and used the treadmill. Still I did it, and I must admit it didn't hurt my lungs as much. Hopefully, we won't have too many wet days as I could get quite use to running I side, though I would miss the view of the hills and the sea.

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  • Well done on doing your run Jo55 :) inside seems like a good idea today , I am planning to start W7 tomorrow outside hmmmmm will wait n see on that , doont mind a bit of rain and wind but not how it was today. fingers crossed it is better

  • Thanks. There can't be much rain left up there we've had so much, so hopefully you will get a dry run. Good luck.

  • Thanks Jo, i hope you are right .

  • Well you did the run and that is the main thing. I hate the wind - luckily where i am everyday even in winter is a good running day.

  • You are lucky, I'm on the coast so it is quite often windy and there are also a lot of hills

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