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Jenny Hadfields training plans

I thought I had discovered a "long term" plan that I could follow - at David Holt's website, but looking even more closely at it, it is just too disjointed to follow.

So - back to the drawing board. But, I think I have found a good replacement - Jenny Hadfield . Her free training plans can be found here

Basically, where I am at is - 1. finished a run/walk training programme ( C25K) and can run for 30 mins non-stop. 2. have extended that non-stop running time out to about 35 minutes, in which time I can complete 5K.

Jenny has a 5K run/walk plan - but I don't need to do that. But she also has 3 follow up 5K plans - beginning run, intermediate run and advanced run. Looking at the beginning run plan, I believe I am at Week 4 and can go on to week 5 which starts to include "pickups" . So that would give me a further 6 weeks in the Beginning run plan - and then could move onto the intermediate and advanced 5K plans . After that she has 8K, 10K HM , M and UM plans :) That should keep me busy until I am at least -- 70?? :)

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Hi Bazza, just been taking a look at the various 5k plans and they do indeed look quite good. I find it helpful to have some kind of structure for my exercise and running, so I think I shall be giving the 5km beginners plan a go.....I just need to find something that will help me with strength training......will have to see if any of the forum members can help with any recommendations for Pilates or Yoga DVDs. The strength training is a definite requirement now, as this morning my GP informed me that at the grand age of 51 I have osteoporosis of my lumbar spine; great. Still I'm OK to continue running, but I won't be going in for any half marathons!!

Cheers Bazza.



There is a 9 part "Yoga for Dummies" series on Youtube here --

Might tide you over for a while. I haven't done any of it - too frightened that my wife might catch me watching the young lady !!! :)


Lol, thanks for that Bazza, I now know how I shall be spending my Friday afternoon!


Yes they look very useful. I've not quite finished C25K yet, on week 8, but I'm already thinking about what I would do next. I'm sure I wouldn't make any further improvement without some sort of structure.


Hi bazza , I like the look of these plans . I cycle & swim regularly for my cross training but don't do no strength , can you just do yoga for this strength training then ? Or do you have to use weights ? Sorry to sound thick but I don't know if I was reading it right . Good luck with your training plan


My understanding is that you can do just about anything physical - except that , seeing as how cross training days are usually between runs, you should allow the major running muscles eg calves, glutes, hamstrings , etc have a bit of a rest - so upper body stuff is good -- eg situps, pushups, rowing, etc


Don't forget the NHS has resources for this too in the familiar podcast form - NHS Strength and Flexibility, a 5 week programme (we graduates laugh in the face of 5 weeks don't we?) Not sure there isn't a weird problem with it though as clicking on Week 5 to keep up this time, what I actually got was Laura introducing the C25K+ podcast and my phone won't let me download the podcast again without an app that it won't let me install without a new operating system....


I've just looked at that plan & I'm starting it on Monday .am I right in saying you are starting at Week 5 & skipping the ones before ? I'm at about 5k in 33mins , so I will start at same stage as you I think . Another question bazza ( bet ur sick a me ! ) when it says rest days can you swim etc? Or does it mean rest ?



There is only one rest day per week anyway - so I think it means REST on that day . Swimming would be ideal for the cross train/strength train days (2 per week) .

I personally haven't been doing a lot in regards to strength training - as it has been something that I have done a lot of in my younger days - weights, gym work. Upper body strength is not something that I am short of :) - 20 years in the Military! But I think that perhaps ladies do need it. I just do some pushups, situps, leg raises, squats, and lunges :)

I will be starting at Week 5 - but won't be doing it for another few weeks yet - I have a 14K "funrun" to get out of the way Sunday week!! :) - followed by a cruise to New Caledonia :) :)


Well good luck bazza with the 14k ! My god I break out in a sweat thinking about it , & have a lovely time on your cruise . Thank you for all your advice much appreciated .


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