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Running plans scuppered

Was meant to be doing W7R3 this evening but poor hubby has been stuck in London and isn't going to get home until about 10 p.m. Much too late for me to go out pounding the streets! I'll go in the morning but then that scuppers my Sunday run plan because it will need to be a rest day 😠

Hubby will be working away for the foreseeable future so getting out to run is going to be much more difficult. I'm worried about the impact it will have on my progress. Has anyone else not been able to get out 3 times a week? Should I consider doing some kind of exercise DVD (ugh hate them!!) in the week to keep up my fitness?

Hopefully most weeks I'll manage to get out Fridays and Sundays but I don't have anyone to help with childcare in the week and I work FT so getting out will be impossible any other time 😭

Can I realistically keep moving forward with 5 days between runs?

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Aaaw, PumpKim I know you were so looking forward to your run. That's a real bummer.

Can you squeeze a run in at lunch time? I know it's hassle with changing and may not be possible to have a shower and all that. But some people do it. Or at least get out for a "brisk walk" at lunch time.

How old are the children? Could they cycle or roller-blade with you? Could you push them in one of these super-dooper speedy pushchair things?

Can you join a gymn where they do child-minding? Treadmill running is not so much fun, but it could tide you over.

Or could you get a treadmill at home?

We'll still be rooting for you, we know you can do it. And when you graduate you'll hear a big cheer all the way from Germany!

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Just one little one, almost 5. He's too big for a pushchair now but ironically we did have a super dooper all terrain one for dog walking, if only I got my act together to do this 2 years ago! My fitness isn't too bad generally as I do dog walk twice every day, I think that's why I've never had achey muscles after any run, it was my aerobic fitness that was rubbish.

I'll try to do something in the week. I've got a couple of Davina DVDs I'll dig them out and see how I go.


Aah, that explains the speed!


Aaah Kim, I was getting worried about you. So sorry run plans for today haven't worked out, that's a huge bummer. :(

I don't have a clue honestly how the gaps might affect you, will leave a pro to answer that, but perhaps you could do the strength and flex podcasts and some stretching at home during the week when your little one goes to bed. I'd probably try to do strange stuff, like running up and down the stairs til I was out of breath ;)

You'll get there. You really will. You're still going to manage 2 runs a week, and you're fast and fit... Perhaps the longer gaps will spur you on even more to go for it on your weekend runs. :)

Nat x

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Run at 10pm or get up 30 minutes earlier and run then.


Ah tricky, if you have sole childcare responsibilities (and don't fancy Rig's suggestion of leaving a 5 year old alone in the house!!!). How about lunchtimes? Or running to or from work, or en route?

However, if you can manage the dog walk that is an obvious candidate for conversion to your running. Depends what time you collect your child but there could be scope for you running round a park play area, especially with lighter evenings (it has been done by members of this forum, although might work better if you borrow an extra child) or with the child pedalling along.

I would also say that if you really don't have anyone who could occupy/look after your five year old for 30-40 minutes once a week (perhaps in exchange for you doing the same for them), then it might be time to have a serious look at your lives overall, regardless of the running. It's so easy to find yourselves in a position where there is no slack and it isn't a recipe for long term happiness or wellness.

You can though still just do the programme more slowly. And yes, great idea to do other things to round your fitness programme (some of which you could do with your child) Probably not a fitness DVD you hate though!

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Thank you for the reply. I have considered lots of alternatives to allow me to get out there but it just isn't workable. I won't list all the reasons because it'll just look like I'm a whiney excuse maker - I'm not. I want to run!

Anyway it's intuitive what you say about looking at our lives. We're in the process of setting the wheels in motion to move closer to family but it's a big move so could take some time for me to find a new job and sell and buy a house. Hopefully by the end of the year though 🍀


Good luck with the life changing! Until then you're living room will have to be your fitness studio. Or the playgrounds. 25 minutes running up and down stairs? 20 times round the sand pit?

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Oh dear...what a predicament... No magic answers for you, but do agree with JaySeeSkinny.. running up and downstairs, sensibly,!!! can make a difference...

When my husband was ill in bed for a fortnight. I was going up and downstairs, two flights and two landings, so many times a day.. legs got stronger and my tummy got really flat from carrying trays! I think it is all to do with heart rate and leg lifting and all sorts of technical stuff.. might be an option... I think the going up is the key thing, ( and holding the handrail) :)

Good luck anywayx

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