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Targets This Week

There's not many times when you beat a personal best, but last week I didn't just beat it once (Friday run) I then went out and did it again and got my 10k time to the magical 60 minutes, so want to carry on with the positive vibe into this week too.

So now I need to start a new week with some new targets. I'm thinking something achievable. So far it's

1. Stick to 3 runs midweek plus a long run Sunday. Gym straight after work so will be on their treadmills

2. Dont get too hung up on what other runners do, just run my way in my own time.

3. Try something a little bit different, new pastures etc planning a new route for Sunday (aim for 11k which is 10% increase)

4. I'm staying over in London on Wednesday so might do my first away run too, again a new route.

5. need new trainers too!

Any other ideas to add to the list?

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Hi. Well done for beating your PB! That's great! I love your new targets. Especially number 2!


Thank you, all too often you compare yourself to others and it's easy to beat yourself up over it. do your thing and do it your way I say!

Love the glasses!


Exactly! And we are doing fine!!!


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