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First 'race' done!

Yesterday, my wife and I headed over to Bushy Park, on the outskirts of London and completed our first 10k race together!

This had been the first time we've both run together and we both run at different speeds. I tend to run at 6:15/km where my wife would normally run at around 7:55/km. I wanted to run together so a) I could learn to run a bit slower and enjoy it and b) try to get my wife to boost her confidence & run a bit faster.

We succeeded on both accounts. We ran the race with an average of 7:29/km, my wife knocked 6 minutes off her 10k personal best and I bl**dy loved it!

It was still hard for me, the sun came out on the second half of the race and it was muggy too... but I enjoyed the slower pace, the running through parkland, seeing Deer grazing beside the course.

Chip time was 1hr:14:21 and we've now started our medal collection! Fastest runner on the course was 34minutes... I don't even know how that's possible!!!

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Great blog, and by all accounts a great 'race'.

I have decided to try and slow my pace a little, so I can run further, and today, despite being shattered on my return, the run was more enjoyable (sunshine helps). As to how people can run in times like you are saying (10K in 34 minutes) I haven't a clue. This is physically beyond me, and mentally beyond comprehension!


Slowing it down for the distance is a good thing! Looking forward to Sunday now to put it into practice and try to match the pace on a longer run (aim is 12k!)


Bravo! Sounds like a wonderful run - how lovely that it worked for both of you. Fantastic improvement for your wife especially - she must be chuffed with herself. :-)

I lived up the river from Bushey Park for the first 29 years of my life. It's a place I miss hugely - we used to play in the playground, walk through the gardens and horse ride through the parkland. Beautiful place - I'd love to go back and take my children but my mum sold our family home last year and moved to North Yorkshire. :-(

Here's to many more happy runs there for both of you.x


Thank you :)

Bushey Park was loooovely! I've never been there before but desperately want to go back with the kiddies now!!


Fantastic, well done to you both


Thanks Ali :)


Congratulations on your first race, I'm sure you're both well chuffed and now eager for more. Enjoy


Thanks Phil! Already eyeing up a few races before my next planned 10k in October.


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