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Whoop! Park Run result!

Alongside hitting 100 miles covered since June I also managed another PB at park run.

When I first took part my time was 41.36 and today I managed 34.53!

It really is great to watch your progress. I am working hard on increasing my iron levels and it has made a huge huge difference. I have only been taking the medication for couple of weeks so when my levels are back to a more acceptable state I might be even faster.

I have to say the breathlessness that I was struggling with when running was clearly anaemia and not just being unfit. I just assumed it was a fitness thing.

Thank you to everyone on here for all their support and keep running those who are just starting out. It really is a wonderful thing!

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I would have never have thought of that! I struggle to maintain the minimum level of iron in my system. Might try a wee supplement to see if that helps me with my breathlessness


Wow that's a great time. I did not manage to get to parkrun this weekend. ;-)


Excellent stuff! It's the new Aldi kit, you see... Times will tumble from now on! :-)


That is an amazing chunk to knock off your PB! Congratulations Loubee :) Very interesting about the breathing/anaemia.


I first started to struggle with my breathing in the heat so put it down to that and then decided it was exercise induced asthma. However, it was clearly to do with iron levels and a particularly low ferritin level. Thank you all. I really enjoyed it.


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