Oh my days. Is this even real? GUYS THIS CAN'T BE REAL.

I started this January 13th and less than two months later here we are. Back then the one minute runs were so so hard and now look. GUYS I GRADUATED.

I feel like I'm happier with this than I will be when I actually graduate from university.

Just want to say a massive massive thank you to all you guys on here for your posts, comments, inspiration and support.

I've written a post about the last month of c25k on my year abroad blog if any of you fancy reading any more rambles haha geordieabroadie.blogspot.co...




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68 Replies

  • Many, many congratulations! Great feeling isn't it? Now go get that shiny badge :) Well done, Steve x

  • Thank you Steve! Certainly is an amazing feeling, so happy!

  • Wow!! Well done Katy!!! I am sure you will feel loads of benefits from running. The difficult bit is to maintain the habit, but now you know you can do things that you never believed you could, that won't be a problem.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thank you! It's part of my ruin now so hopefully I won't let it slip! Got all you guys on here for support to make sure I keep up haha

  • Fabulous and congratulations and love the linking in of This Girl Can.

  • Thank you Coddfish! That ad campaign was so inspiring for me, such a brilliant idea.

  • Yay!

  • woooo thank youuuu!

  • Katie, I am so so pleased for you ! Well deserved and so well earned .

    Many, many Congratulations to you on your Graduation !

    Youre gonna look so good girl , with that badge next to your name ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you poppypug! I'm excited for it to arrive, all sparkly and shiny and eeeeeeeep

  • Way to go Katy! You are a runner! Congrats!

  • Thank you Burgdude!

  • Yay!!!! You did it!!! Whoooo whooo!!! Get your badge pet!!!! Well done geordie lass!!! GNR September????!!!!! Xx

  • Ahhhhh areet pet!! So pleased man. GNR 2016 hopefully! thank youuuuu! xxxx

  • My aim for 2016 too!! Or for Poppypug..... aye pet. That'z me aime fo twenteeee sixteeeen in aaal yu knaaaa! be canny gud like!!!!

  • Ha ha love it :-D xxx

  • Aw man seeing Geordie written down makes my heart sing. I just watched 3 episodes of 'Tales from Northumberland' and cried haha running helps with homesickness?

  • Aaaagh bless you. I miss it too. Next time I'm there I want to run along the quayside. That will be fab.

  • Aw you two Geordie girls, I love how you write in that accent ! Fab stuff ! :-) xxx

  • Congratulatons! Great feeling, isn't it?

  • Yes, thank you!

  • Yipppeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Well done, I'm right behind you (not actually!) on W8R2. Congratulations :)

  • Thank you! Good luck Northernspirit, it's so so fab so keep going!

  • Fantastic stuff! Really well done, happy running!

  • Thank you Parky-Park!

  • Congrats and well done.

  • thank you!!

  • Well done! You have given me encouragement because I found the one minute runs hard. I have just finished week 3 and am now wondering how in the world I am going to run for 5 minutes all in one go next week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Aw thanks so much Trish! That's so good to hear. Honestly as it gets harder it also gets easier so just keep pushing on! Good luck :D

  • Woop woop!!!! Well done! Enjoy the feeling and decide where to go next with your running!

    Also: major jealous that you're on your year abroad! My year in Germany was without doubt the best year of my life!

  • Thank you Wristy! Year abroad has been very up and down for me but ultimately i will always love it because its when I started running! Happy days :-)

  • Oh well done Katy!!!! You're a star!!! I bet that feels a bit of all right doesn't it! Are you partying the night away then? Or was it early to bed with a mug of cocoa

  • thanks so much misswobble! No I have to give a presentation at uni tomorrow so I treated myself to 3 episodes of 'Tales from Northumberland' on ITVPlayer ;) SUCH A GOOD FEELING WOOHOO

  • Don't stay up too late!

    Tales from Northumberland will make you feel homesick.

  • Just made me proud to be Northumbrian and gave me inspiration for running spots! OH MY GOD LOOK I HAVE A BADGE I AM LEGIT

  • Oh yeah. I see it now. It wasn't there a minute ago was it. My word, it does look proper posh that does

    Well done Katy. You did really well. Keep on running wont; you. You should run down that marvellous path in Alicante. That wavy pattern one that's on all the brochures

  • Yep it's just appeared! Super fab.

    Thanks so much :D Definitely gonna keep going, it's so fab. Oh yeah the Explanada! That's right next door to where I run now actually so I can make my route longer and go down there :-) fab fab fab

  • I was checking Alicante out as my friend has bought a place there very recently and she has invited me out there, so I did a quick google and noticed that lovely running route. It's probably heaving with runners all the while. I the tourists can't get a look-in. Ha ha

    Anyway missus, you should be in bed if you have a presentation to do in the morning. I'm off to get me late night cuppa and the Kindle struck up as I'm reading Running Like a Girl. That's a good one for you to read as it's about a young lass and where running takes her.

    Night night

  • At the minute I run along the beach and it's okay during the week but at the weekend it's heaving with people. Lots of runners though! Love it.

    Ooooooh sounds good, I'll have a look at it!

  • From one Geordie to another... WELL DONE!

  • Thank you KingFisher!

  • Bravo! Yes, it is a bit special - but of course it is a bit more compact and intense than the undergraduate experience, so enjoy that graduation when it comes too.

    What are you going to do next with your running? Choose your own tunes/podcasts? Stay with Laura and try the NHS C25k+? Just keep running and do some strength and flexibility work to support it? Rule the world?

  • Haha thanks GoogleMe. I graduate for real next July after a 4 year course and if it feels as good as c25k did then I'll be one happy girl!

    Well for this I ran with my app and my own music together so I think I will use my music with RunKeeper - it tells you as each 5 minute has passed so it's like Laura but with less support. I'll see how it goes without her on Saturday and if I don't like it I'll try the + podcast. Rule the world is definitely on the list.

  • Ah, you've missed out on "Julie'... bit like living at home whilst a student... same achievement, different experience.

    It's also worth trying just running with no sound (with the RunKeeper woman chipping in very occasionally) just for the experience.

  • Congratulations Katy - Running by the sea is fab!

  • Thank you Yvette! Yeah I love it, gives me something nice to look at!

  • Congratulations - I hope you feel very proud of yourself! Now you

    can plan your lovely new running adventures.

  • Thank you Ullyrunner! So excited to see where it all goes from here

  • Well Done Katy, Fantastic, its a great feeling :)

  • Thank you! And congrats on your recent graduation too pet x

  • Katy

    There are 3 c25k+ podcasts! Loads there to keep you busy, and plenty of Laura input

  • Welcome to the graduates lounge Katy x

  • eeeeeee it's so fancy!

  • Well done ! Fantastic ! Running on a beach sounds fabulous. It will give me something to think about when I'm running along the main road next week! Your could always run alongside the broad at UEA…..

    Julia (UEA graduate more years ago than I care to admit)

  • Thank you! Aw I definitely will run around the lake when I get back to UEA! I miss it so bad. OH UEA IS WONDERFUL

  • Katy, what can I say. YOU GRADUATED GIRL :) a big well done and congratulations from me. Isn't the feeling absolutely fantastic? I'm really pleased for you and proud you got off the couch and did the course.

    Your right about uni as well. This is a much better pass as you did it all yourself so a big big PASS WITH DISTINCTION goes to you :) keep it up now J

  • Thanks so much Jase! Your support it amazeballs, so so happy to have found the forum! Happy days :D

  • Yes happy days and injury free running ;) J

  • Followed you Katie just a few decades behind ! Off to claim my badge shortly...Really well done for everything you're doing this year. I like to think that every graduation marks a new perspective :)

  • thank you & congrats on your own graduation cs! well done to you too :-) these badges are pretty swish arent they ;)

  • Well Done Katy - I remember you 8 weeks ago just starting out - and here you are, gone and done it. Congrats - be an inspiration to everyone else at uni and abroad. Where are you going btw?

  • Thanks so much Buffy! Already got a few pals downloading the app and joining in which is great. I'm from Newcastle, study in Norwich and am on my year abroad in Alicante, south coast of Spain!

  • You've obviously worked hard - well done. Enjoy it.

  • Late to the party - must have missed your post a couple of days ago, but Congratulations, Katy!

  • Thank you Angie!

  • really well done katy :D you really did it ,enjoy your celebrations :D

  • Thanks Rob! :)

  • Well done keep it up and conquer :)

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