wk9r2 - getting better

After the disappointment I felt after wk9r1 this was a lot more enjoyable. No rain or wind, perfect for a run. Decided to try and increase my pace, so after the first 5mins running a slowly went faster for the next 5mins then slowed down again as I did notice the difference. I kept running until the "you have been running for 15mins", turned round and headed for home. I am lucky enough to live in a small village at the top of a hill, therefore the 4 roads from the village all end up going downwards, some steeper than others and because I had run slightly further than before this took in yet another hill, the steepest one so far, so the first couple of hundred meters was a gruelling, slow, uphill slog. The temptation at the top was to increase pace on the downhill section, but managed to hold steady until I reached the flat stretch, again a gentle increase of pace. For the last 5mins it was back to a slower pace as by this time it was really hard and even managed to run a bit further. Again I only recorded the actual running time and this time was delighted to see an improvement, this time managed 4.14km with a pace of 7.34min/km and ran for 31.28mins. I have set myself a goal of running 5km no matter how long it takes. Once this is achieved the next goal will be 5km in 30mins. Hope this does not sound like I am becoming a running geek but having personal goals helps to keep me motivated.


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8 Replies

  • Excellent stuff, jadaromi. Just one more run, then comes the shiny, shiny badge! :-)

  • Thanks, looking forward (?) to last run. Love the bird, it looks like a Golden Eagle.

  • His name's Boris, and he's a Black Eagle I met at Holdenby House falconry centre for my birthday last year. Scary dude!

  • Really ? That's amazing, I thought it was your bird , you look so comfortable with it as though you do that all the time .

    I think I would find that a bit scary , I would be thinking " Blimey, that beak could have your eye out :-)

    I am comfortable with budgie size though :-) xxxx

  • Oh, my, I would LOVE to have him, but he's just too darned big! The falconry centre aren't allowed to fly him at displays or on hunting trips, 'cos he's quite capable of taking a lamb or a Yorkshire terrier! For me, it would be a Red Kite or a Goshawk.

  • Yes I can imagine he would be capable of taking out a small animal, he looks a beast ! He is a magnificent looking bird though I will give him that :-) xxx

  • Well done. Only one more run! I think your goals are absolutely achieveable just take your time.

    You don't sound like a running geek, just someone who's passionate about runnng and there's nothing wrong with that! There are loads of us here!

  • :-D

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