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To Run, or Not to Run?

I suspect that I already know the answer to my own question, but wondered what you lot thought.

I was walking along earlier on flat shoes and went over on one ankle. It snapped right back up but felt a but sore; I carried on walking.

Now there's a small amount of swelling behind the ankle bone. It doesn't hurt to walk on. Would I be okay to go for a gentle run?



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If it is sore, dont risk a worse injury.

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Please, no! Get this small injury better by following the standard RICE advice as Runner 56 says - if you run on it now it might become a more serious, longer-lasting problem!

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Absolutely not all right. Get it looked at by a sports physio if you can. Is it the tendon that is swollen? if so please do not even think about running until you've had it looked at. Sorry to sound harsh and snapping at you but you don't want to end up on the injury bench - that will take many months to heal.

RICE every day for you.


I have chronically unstable ankles anway; it's one of the many joys of hypermobility. It's fine to walk on, a little bit swollen but no apparent bruising as yet. I fall off my ankles at least a dozen times a year, but it doesn't usually cause any swelling. I have a full range of motion, just a little stiff.

I think that one of the 'benefits' of hypermobility is that to a certain extent my ligaments are all pre-stretched and can't get much worse! So a wobble that might cause massive injury and pain in most people is not too bad in me as it's all pulled too long anyways.


My husband is the same. He has learnt that it actually benefits him to keep moving and keep mobility rather than stop and rest it. I used to think he was mad but experience has shown that for him it is the best thing to do.


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