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My bitter-sweet dream run

Some of you will have seen my post then other day about my dream run..I was in Zarautz back in the summer when I was doing weeks 2 & 3, recovering from shin splints. I drove to the next village, a fishing port called Getaria, 3.5 KM along the coast. I saw that there was a lovely railed pavement all the way along back to Zarautz, and promised myself that when I came back in October I would run that route - never really believing I would be capable of it...

So, on Sunday I dragged BaldyBoy kicking and screaming from his bed, at the crack of dawn (8.45AM lol) to drop me to Getaria, so I could run back. The moment I got out of the car, the heavens opened, torrential rain that made the path quite slippery. Lots and lots of runners, some of them passed me twice and had obviously run there and back in the time it took me to clomp there! Hard core these Spaniards, it was downhill the way I went, but these were running both ways! I'm going to do that next time , then BB can stay in bed.

It was actually quite high over the cliffs, I looked over once, big mistake for someone who suffers with dizzy spells! I think Runkeeper had a dizzy spell too, because if you look carefully, you will see me walking on water at a couple of points! It also sloped gently down for most of the route, goodness knows what all those ups and downs on the elevation chart are, I'd like to say that I ran up all those huge inclines effortlessly but it only sloped gently downwards for most of the way. My times are all over the place too, the workout summary at the end said I had averaged 7.17 per KM,which I thought was about right, but by the time it had updated to the website, that had gone up to 8.45....what's all that about? Even I would be hard pushed to run down hill that slowly...And that completely flat bit towards the end? I think that's when I went into a tunnel!

I had intended to run all the way to the end of the promenade, that makes a nice round 5K, but when I got the cafe we use regularly, there was BB waiting for me with a camera bless him, and he took a little movie of me so I can see what I look like running. Hmm, my style needs a bit of work! Yes, I am as slow as I imagined, and I DO run like Groucho Marks! Do I care? Not a bit! It's MY style, and I'm doing it - I'm RUNNING!

So far, so sweet.....

A little later on we noticed something going on further down the promenade, police, ambulance etc. Zarautz is famous for surfing, championships are held there, and people come from all over to surf. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it appears two guys were surfing, one got into difficulties, I think his surf board broke up, and his friend went to help him.... I know from training when I was a pool lifeguard that a drowning person will panic and fight and even drag down their rescuer... both men were pulled from the water dead. What a tragedy, that they lost their lives doing something they loved.

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Ahh, it would post without the picture..


I'm giving up with gadgets. My HRM said I can run 10kph pace at just 50ish bpm and I felt sure my heart was going to stop altogether. Love the Groucho Marx image. On the strength of that I have put a ban on any video activity just in case it turns out I am Max Wall's sister carrying on the Mule Train tradition :D

Sorry about the surfers though. So sad and something like that stays with you. I suppose persuading someone to stop struggling when they believe they are fighting for life itself must be a near impossibility?


Pretty much, as life guards we learnt ways to break grips if they grab you around the neck or waist, but if they grab your legs you're pretty much stuffed.


Oh Curly, what a sad ending to your lovely run to beautiful Zarautz. I'll look forward to your description of running in both directions!


Oh Curly, what a horrible end to your lovely run, I felt so sad reading that. Life can change in a heartbeat. xxx


wonderful run in a lovely place, but what a tragedy about the men...thats so sad...


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