My Birthday Dream came true!

Its my birthday on Saturday and tonight was my last run before then. Today's blog post is a big one for me....

I knew I had to change my habits all the way through 2012. I felt fat, unfit, unhealthy....all the bad things a person can be. My job like most folks gives me a hard time now and again and I was doing nothing to ease the stress away, except coming home and opening the wine. I knew I had to stop and do something.

It took ages for me to convince close friends and family that I wanted to run. They looked at me and said "you cant just go out there and run you know", but deep down somewhere I KNEW I wanted to and so in November 2012 I started looking at beginner runner programmes. We were going skiing in Canada over Xmas so I didnt want to start the crux of something and leave it, so at the beginning of December I went walking for 30 mins 3 times a week. Being out in the fresh cold air after being cooped up all day in an office like a hen was exhilarating :-)

I tried my first one minute run just before I left for Canada and oh my lord, it was horrid! I think I managed 45 seconds, beetroot red, husband pulling me "Come on, come on". Alright, I thought - you cycle to work 12 miles every day, its alright for you!" but when I came home I felt determined to do it and the first time I did three mins I laughed to myself all the way home. Then the 20 minutes...when I cried all the way home. Week 7, left me wondering what the hell I was doing when it took me 5 times to do it, but that 3rd 30 min run....well, you just cant put it into words. The sense of achievement, wonder, pride - the list just goes on.

So my goal at the onset in December was to graduate from C25K before my 42nd birthday - TICK. Get my BMI away from the horrible obese - TICK. Be happier, healthier, fitter - TICK!!! I know weight loss is hard for some on here but I have lost a stash of weight, and am nearly 3 dress sizes smaller - yup, three sizes! I still want to lose another stash but for me the worst is over and if I drop a pound or so every month, I know I will still be happy. My husband calls me Forrest Gump and he looks at me with total pride everytime I go out or come back in from a run if he cant join me.

Without everyone on here, I dont know I could have got through those tough times when I thought I was being ridiculous. But everyone is wonderful and truly supportive and they are right - it is achievable. You were all part of changing my life :-)

So to all of you who worry that you wont make it - you can. If I did, you can.

Im off to get a celebratory glass of vino. Im not sure what my birthday weekend brings, but to all of you out running, I salute you!


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20 Replies

  • BRILLIANT!!!!! What a fantastic read, and a great inspiration to me (currently on week 5). So many echoes for me in what you have written.

    Well done, have a lovely Easter, enjoy the wine!

  • Thank you. I would love to just reach out to one person and help them. Wishing you a happy enjoyable run for the rest of the programme, and just shoot those gremlins if they come for you. Lookinf forward to seeing how you get on!

  • Oh, I'm all teary-eyed for you! What a wonderful blog. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter too - have a really lovely weekend with your lovely proud hubby! :)

    Looking forward to seeing that little green box next to your name! Do stay blogging too!

    That's enough exclamation marks for now. :)

  • And you poppet. I graduated two weeks ago so my lovely badge was already sent by the good admin people. Im running around 30-32 mins at the moment just trying to get to 5k. Teeny bit short, but Im not too worried about it, just love being outside doing something. All the best for the 5*50 challenge and wear that t-shirt with the pride it deserves x

  • Oops - how did I miss the badge *blushes*! (Too much Easter weekend cider, that's how.) Enjoy your weekend anyway. :)

  • Hey, happy birthday! I'm 12 years further down the line and started from a real slob and I love what this does to us. Sometimes it's dead hard but it's worth it. I'm hoping to finish tomorrow. Had planned Saturday but the anti bedroom tax demo calls.

  • You'll rock it! Looking forward to seeing your finishing post. Lots of positive thoughts to you.

  • what a lovely read. it is great when you hear from former couch potatoes :) enjoy your birthday. sounds like you are really looking forward to it & already got your own pressie in the form of that graduate badge :) X

  • No idea what's happening with the lousy weather but time to chill and celebrate. Have a good weekend x

  • Congrats, enjoy your Birthday and treat yourself with something fantastic!!!!

  • H Im sure the other half can dig deep! Thank you

  • That was very inspiring. Congratuations and have a lovely birthday, x

  • Thank you. That means a lot from you. Have a great weekend too!

  • Super blog. Strikes just the right note for this holiday weekend. Enjoy your vino! :-) :-) :-)

  • Firstly, have a super birthday on Saturday Karen! Secondly, congratulations on all these life-changing achievements you are ticking off; what a great feeling! :) You are doing just grand and isn't it just great that your hubby is so proud of you! I hope you get some nice pressies and that some of them are running related to make you go faster!! ;) Enjoy your special weekend!

    Sue x

  • What a fabulous post. 'Happier, healthier, fitter' - what a great way to celebrate your birthday, for you and your husband. Hope you have a wonderful day - you deserve it.

  • All of the above!

    Happy Birthday!!!! Isn't this a wonderful community?

  • Lovely blog xx made me smile xx happy birthday xx

  • Great blog! :') Now go and enjoy your Easter eggs, you deserve it! :D

    Rachel x

  • Thanks for a really inspiring blog, I loved reading it it made me smile. Happy birthday and happy Easter. Claire x

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