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Signed up for mad dog 10k


I can't believe I have just done this. I graduated about 10 days ago and after feeling fab and celebrating I got a hideous cold and hacking cough and haven't ran since. Not good.

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Half my post is missing!!!! So as I was saying!!! I'm so petrified I've signed up but hoping this will focus me again as I'm so scared I will let what I ve achieved go and end up on the couch again!! Any positive vibes and advice if how to train great fully received!!! Am in total shock I've signed up!!!! My god!!!!


OOhhh poor you! all that to then be held back by a bloody cold .... anyway you obviously feel better to have signed up so now need to think on the time you have and the distance you want to cover and start doing the podcasts to get you there :)

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Labshack

Yeah I do. A friend asked me to join her on FB and I thought a new challenge is what I need. I have til feb so prob enough time I'm hoping!!! I know nothing about this!! I haven't even ran outdoors yet!!! Think I'd better get going!!!


Hohoho !! That's what happens when you're shut up inside with nothing to do but surf the net.....Have you bought armfuls of new sports wear too ? You tackled C25K with positivity and determination so you could just apply the same principles to a bridge to 10k programme. Having blithely said that, you're far braver than me !!

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Hidden

No I'm stupid! I lost sleep! No I haven't bought anything. I run in leggings and baggy tshirts! Have proper shoes but already had them!! Oh dear. What have I done! Said from my bed on a cold morning!!!!


Oh no! Bad luck with catching the cold. Whatever you do, don't run until the cough's gone or you may drive it further down into your lungs where it will be harder to shift.

As for your 10k, sounds to me like you need 'A Plan'. Poppypug and MissWobble both use individually tailored plans to prepare them for the races they're going to be doing. Think MissW uses the Asics website and Poppy, the BUPA one. I think (but I haven't tried it) that you input your current time and distance and your race distance and date and the site works out a training plan for you. You could PM them to ask for advice.

Of course, if your 10k is in 2weeks time, just say your prayers, do your best and accept that you may have to walk part of the course ;)

Hope you feel better very soon m'dear. Take care x


Howay the Toon ! Hey fab fab stuff Lou , you can do this. !

You need a plan. As Mum says, either go to the My Ascics website or Bupa Great Run website. I use the Bupa one. You have to register but its free. You insert details such as what date your run is , what distance, and if you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced runner.( I put that I am a beginner ) and how many days you want to train ( I put 3 ) It then works out all your runs up to the date of the race. It is really good.

Once youre feeling better give it a go. Good luck ! You can so do this, honestly , it is definitely do able so don't panic , you can achieve this . :-) xxx


I used the zen labs b210k program to get me to 10k.


Aaaagh thanks all. It's February so plenty time!!! Going to do a 5k park run next month too. So annoyed got this cold. Really want to get on with it now. Sounds great poppypug. I'll have a look at that. Ta!!! The Great North Run is calling me for next year mind!!!

If it's not until February and you've finished the C25K then you have loads of time!

I found it a lot easier to up my distance from 5K to 10K than the original C25K plan. In my case I didn't have an actual race to plan for, so just upped my distance gradually when I felt like it, and it only took a few months.

Good luck, and I hope you recover from that cold soon :-)

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to BloomingEck

Thanks bloomingeck! I've heard that too!!! Yes plenty time. I'm going to stick with 30 mins for a few weeks and try to up my speed and distance a bit first. Hope it works!!!

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