Done It !!

Done It !!

I ran for 5k this morning as per my Nike apps. It took me around 41 mins. I guess my legs need to be moved lot faster , but it is a great achievement. I couldn't run for a minute at the beginning, so i think I'av done ok. Tbh I don't think I like running but it is the challenge and feeling after every run kept me going. Next station 5k in 30 mins. I don't think i will make it but let's see how far it goes. Thanks to Laura and my fellow students. Abrar

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  • Yeah how great is that ! Good time too - congrats :)

  • Well done Abrar! 5km in 30 mins is quite a target but it is just around the corner (metaphorically speaking) and I am sure you'll be doing 10 km runs in no time. :)

  • hey, well done and not a bad time - which you will want to try to beat. The programme is amazing in that it gets us wanting to run 5K!

  • Thanks folks. BTW any tips how to run in the coming wet and cold weather. It is already pouring down here. I'av been running at my local park as I can't run on hard surface. Many Thanks. Abrar

  • Very well done, Abrar. Keep on trucking.

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