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Week 5 Run 2 next week.....and I'm going for an Oscar

Next Wednesday is the day.... 55year old overweight woman will attempt to play the part of a runner by jogging 20minutes. I will be looking for an Oscar if I pull this one off. Twenty minutes without a break....gulp. First time I read the W5R2 schedule I thought my eyesight was in need of a Specsavers MOT.

I can't believe I've got this far -that I'm even contemplating it within the realms of possibility! Week 1Run1 doesn't seem so long ago and back then I could barely manage a minute without wondering if my next human encounter would be with a paramedic. So, here goes to week 5. (May be best not to stand down the paramedics just yet...).

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Good luck with that! Make sure you are in a populated area just in case ...! Seriously though, you've trained for it, you'll crack it!


Good luck with the run! Slow and steady and you'll amaze yourself. Looking forward to hearing about it. :)


Good luck with it! I'm sure you'll crack that one with no need of paramedics :)

[ from a still obese 51 years old woman that has just back home after a 30 minutes 'stepping stones' run - if I can everyone can :) ]


I'm nearly 57, and we have much older runners here, who have all Graduated and are now running regularly, so you are but a spring chicken.

Just go very slow. Going slowly allows more breathing time. If you go too quick and get breathless you will struggle. Give it some Zen baby, and you'll finish in style. OK you might be a bit purple but hey who cares

Good luck


Better get your polishing cloth ready...I'm sure that Oscar will be yours...Oh, and if you do go a bit purple you can use it to wipe your face too !!


You can't play the age card here. You are too young. Good luck. I've just bought a running mag and a neighbour is in it doing the Eden half marathon. He's only 74.


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