Last Friday after completing wk7r3 I felt that I had a little more in my legs so was looking forward to wk8r1. But came down with a throat & chest infection and irritating cough making it very difficult to sleep and breath deeply. Instead of running I walked for half an hour on Sun and Tue, decided that after a good nights sleep to give a run a try. There is a short circuit I have timed that takes 5 minutes running to complete, therefore decided to keep going round this circuit so if had a breathing problem was close enough to home if the run was too much. I did say to my husband that I would only do a 10 minute run. After 5 minutes running I nearly gave up, but somehow got my second wind and carried on. OK, not the fasted of paces, and when Laura suggested increasing the pace I slowed down and the cool down brisk walk looked more like a trek through deep mud. But I did it, completed the 28 minutes.

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  • Well done. That sounded like a really sensible plan, so I'm glad it worked out for you. Plenty of honey and lemon for you now!

  • Well done! - and on top of lemon and honey try sage or thyme herbal teas ​(thyme lemon and honey is nice too!)

  • It's always worth getting out there, even if you feel rubbish, and there you go, another run done and dusted. Well done. Hope you have made a full recovery soon.

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