Good God! I nearly forgot to blog this, I had two days between runs ha ha!

I must say I needed it! I was like a young person who could actually run.

Thirty minutes with no pain in my (deep breath) knees, lower back, thigh, neck and ankle.

Hey not so much of a big list after all! Lol

After the run and the cool down and stretch I felt like a new 48 year old lol, but on a more serious note isn't it great reading about everyone moving further through the weekly podcasts, makes me feel fantastic and plasters a grin on my face all the time!

Roll on the next one.

All the best


6 Replies

  • I often find leaving two days between runs makes me run better too! :)

    Well done to the new young Dale ;) Not long to go now and then you will certainly have a big grin on your face!!


  • Thank you Sue

  • good work Dale, I've been following your blogs as we seem to be at the same point in the program! It's been a while since I've had a two day break, maybe that's what I need to really push on. Keep going - we will be done in a couple of weeks!

  • Sounds like a really good run, Dale! Welcome to the new you! :)

  • Yipppeeee Dale! Or should I call you soon-to-be graduate? As a soon to be 50 year old who decided to take up running at 49.5, I giggled at your list. It is few and far between when I have a pain-free run. Something always hurts! Very well done and looking forward to reading your continued journey! Gayle

  • You're nearly there! You're doing brilliantly! I'm looking forward to your graduation blog! So glad this one was pain free :)


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