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Time for a 3 day rest for me!!

I was not meant to run today according to my "plan" -- but even so, I feel quite tired this morning so I have decided to take a few days off until next Saturday before I put on some running shoes again -- no

bodyweight training" either -- no real problems, bit sorish in the legs -- but just weary.

I calculate that I have run 35klms over the past 8 days - and for me , personally and also because of my age, that is a LOT!

We are going to visit friends in the little country town of NOBBY My mate and I usually kick the women out of the kitchen and we spend days making and eating Indian curries - washed down by copious quantities of good Aussie wine. On Saturday, I'll probably do a quick 5K around the town - twice around the block -- and frighten the kangaroos in the early morning.

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You seem to have been doing a hell of a lot lately, makes me tired just reading about it all! A couple of extra days off will always do you good I'd say. I'm just debating whether to go out today myself, it would be my last run in France for this year, but I'm getting a bit jittery now and haven't slept more that 3 hours for 4 nights. Will probably give myself an extra day off and get on with packing and clearing the house. I'll be in Spain for the weekend, got a wonderful run along the coast planned.

What a wonderful name for that town! Snigger! Enjoy your curries!


SIGH!! Spain! France!!!

And I'm going to NOBBY!


Can't wait to get away from France, heavy fog every morning, not good for running, heavy rain too, everything shut - bars, restaurants, butchers and bakers...we don't have a candlestick maker, but if we did you can bet that would be shut too.....I'm going for my run anyway, it might calm me down...have fun in Willy - oops Nobby snigger fnurh!!


That's a sentence I hope I never get to say - I love France and always hate coming home. Where are you for such rubbish weather? It's been awesome here for most of the summer and September has been fantastic. Your timing is not good - weather lady this morning says Indian summer is about to finish and it's going to get cold, wet and windy in the UK from the weekend onwards. Are you SURE you want to come home ....?!


Hi Useit, I'm in the South, nearish to the Pyrenees. When we bought the house I thought it would be year round sun - ha ha ha big mistake! The summer's are indeed very good, too good really, often up to 40C plus. Winter goes down to minus 15C for weeks at a time. We have no heating in the house...I have never in all my life been as cold as here in Autumn, never mind winter! I was booked to come home mid October, but changed it when everything shut, I can't just sit here with nothing to do, we don't even have telly...

I know I'm lucky to have this dual lifestyle, I love my other life in UK too! I'm so looking forward to my central heating, and all the lovely (flat!) places to run, and all the races coming up, and Wetherspoons chicken wings, and and and.....


Yes - I see the point! We went land rovering in the mountain passes on the Pyrenees last year, and got some terrific rain in the summer - that was fun too!


Yes I know all about French rain, we think it rains in England but that's nothing to here lol! My house got hit by lightning last year, burnt out all my electrics, washing machine, fridge/freezer etc...

Sorry Bazza, your thread has turned into a French weather report!


Enjoy your extra rest days. 35km in 8 days is pretty impressive and I think you've earnt a little break.


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