Penultimate run done :)

Today was my second 30 minute run and it went well. I did my usual.....first 10 minutes thinking oh god I can't do this; middle 10 minutes thinking this is hard but I'm not stopping now, I only have to repeat it another day so just keep moving; last 10 minutes thinking this is OK and enjoying it. So, a couple of rest days now for my legs to recover and I'm ready for the big one :) new running kit ready and waiting :) :) There's no way I would have got to this point without this forum, your encouragement, experience, advice and general banter are a joy. Happy dayz all.


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  • Yay!! Well done!! New running gear is always a nice treat :)

    As for the first ten minutes, middle ten minutes and last ten minutes - that sounds just like me!!

    Enjoy your graduate run :)

  • It's not just me then?! Thanks :)

  • Yay Northern Spirit! Glad you're nearly there :-) will be looking out for your graduation post :-)

  • Thanks Potty, it's take a few extra weeks to get here but I'm v happy. You will hear my cheering before you read my post!

  • Have a great graduation run!

  • Thanks Ully :)

  • The mind's a funny thing isn't it! Any bets on you going for 10k after this? Gives your mind more time to settle into it ;)

    It'll be lovely to see you graduate. The feeling is amazing :D xx

  • It's a strange thing this running eh? Yes I am thinking 10k is do-able, I'd like to for sure :) still not at 5k yet but I keep nudging upwards!

  • Haha, don't think that 'first 10 min feeling' has ever stopped for me .... Still think that even now I'm able to do 10k ūüėä... Enjoy your graduation run, champagne and twiglets await you at the finish line ;-)

  • Defo champagne for me!! Thanks:)

  • Excellent work. I tend to find the first 8 mins or so tough until my breathing and stride start working together. Once that happens I think I enter the secretive 'zone' :)

    Good luck with the graduation run. Be careful, its difficukt running in a tuxedo or fancy gown :D

  • I think tiara would work well :) thanks!

  • Brilliant! Well done, so close now! The first ten mins are nearly always like that for me too. Very rarely, they've been ok and I've thought, 'What the hell's going on here then?!' Best of luck for your final wk 9 run :)

  • Thanks :) glad to know I'm not the only one having an argument with myself for 10 minutes!

  • really well done Northerspirit :D you have done all the hard work :D enjoy your rest days and then go and enjoy your graduation run, very well deserved :D

  • Ooooo not long now Northernspirit. :) Love that you've got new kit for your graduation run. Think that's a brilliant idea. It's such a very special time that it deserves to be marked with the running equivalent of a new party frock :)

  • Brilliant! Well done NorthernSpirit, hope you really enjoy your graduation run. Enjoy the day :-)

  • Well done, so nearly there. Enjoy your graduation run and wow everyone with your new clothes.

  • I find i really struggle until i get my pace sorted and it is really nice to know im not the only one having the mental argument with myself!

  • Absolutely agree NorthernSpirit, the first 10 minutes are the hardest for me too, no question. Take yesterday evening for example. During the first 5 minutes my legs seemed to have no coordination, they didnt seem to be running automatically at all, and they were all over the place. For the next 5 minutes they felt like lead, and then my left ankle and right knee started to hurt. After 20 minutes my legs seemed to be getting into their stride and I was just feeling a bit tired. But I was feeling like 7km would be my maximum for that run ( I normally run 10km weekdays). I was saying to myself, just call it a day at 7km, then I'll be in good shape for a longer run on thursday. 7km came up, and although I wasnt going fast, I felt like I could now keep going for a good deal longer at that pace, so decided to carry on. When 10km came up I was feeling a bit tired, but not much different than at 8km, so decided to continue. I finally stopped 5 minutes walk before home at 12km. Strangely, my legs were now feeling better than when they started :)

    For me, the key is to take it gently. If your legs are not feeling so good, then slow down a little more until they start to improve :)

  • I always find the first 8 ish minutes hard and those gremlins in my head say "just stop, no-one will know, you can just walk or go home" I have to really push myself. Then all of a sudden I realise that I have 10 minutes to go (not sure where the middle bit goes :)) and I start feeling like I could run forever (well not quite). I then get to the end of my run and think you could just run to that lamppost or that field and then I look at my garmin and realise I am at 4.5k and think I could do the extra to get the 5k and before you know it Laura is telling me I have finished the cool down walk and I haven't stopped running :). I have been using Week 9 run 3 since graduating.

    Good luck for your Graduation Run - It does feel different and possibly the best run so far. :)

  • Well done. I'm doing my last run on Tuesday.. good luck!!

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