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Week 5 Run 2...gosh did I really run 2 x 8?!!

Glorious morning in the park though many many little dogs and more runners than a normal week day. The dogs worried me as they ran all over and I was bothered that they'd trip me up.

I was sure the run was 5/8/5 and when Laura said only 2 runs I thought 5 and 8 so was shocked when she said I'd run 8 minutes! But I felt OK amazingly :-) I thought 5 walking was too long though and wanted to run before that (to get it over??) I finished the 2nd run having for the first time had to take my jacket off. So I must have used more energy than usual... perhaps. Came home and reconsidered the karrimor capri pants I bought in Sports Direct last week and was going to return. Perhaps I don't look too bad in them after all although the purple trim doesn't match the purple of my running top! Ha! These things are sent to try us. It might be motivating to wear them for run 3 on Wednesday.

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Well done! I've also just done run2 and I was shocked at the prospect of a 2nd 8min run too, but didn't it feel great when it was done?

About the breaks... I have been attempting to run for a while now and couldn't get above a couple of minutes at a time. I think this was because I kept shortening my recovery walks hoping that the run times would join up! Luckily I found this site and Laura came to the rescue. Good luck for run 3.


Thank you Runningmam and hope yours goes successfuilly. There's a grreat deal of difference between 2 8s separated by 5 mins walk and a 20 nonstop minutes run though isn't there?


Ah, but if you think of the total, you just run through the break, and get to finish early! Just like working flexitime?! Or maybe not - but it'll be fine, really it will! :)

Keep it up, you're doing so well! Slow and steady (I know you know that, but it's still worth repeating - kept me going for 10k yesterday - :O )


Wow greenlegs that's a long way.

I think of your motto all the way through my "runs"...s..l..o..w..a..n..d..s..t..e..a..d..y..


Great to hear of your success and confidence! Well done - and what a lovely day to be out running too :)

All the best with the third run of W5 ... It's another of those things sent to try us ;) but I know you'll get through. Purple mmmm yep, have done that too ... a bit wintry now maybe, have you considered day-glo pink? LOL (and any chance of Lycra slipping in?) ;)

Lots more luck with the runs ahead, cheers Linda x


Do you know what -you must have a huge sense of achievement. Really well done. I did R2 in the week and I was very under confident and i felt quite all over the place. I was going to repeat it - but the weather has been so glorious i decided to go for the full 20 mins. Slow and steady goes it. The first five mins I actually struggled with, kept going for the next ten - but through gritted teeth - but by that point I was not going to give up - But boy was i glad when she said stop. I look fwd to reading your post wed saying R3 completed - and I know you will complete it.

Best of luck.x


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