Mini run with technical & capri pant issues!

Just back after a mini run, did my longer run on Thurs, and couldn't do Parkrun yesterday as working(don't get me started on my rubbish day yesterday!!) had been procrastinating about when to go, just wasn't feeling it today :( ............decided to download NEW free playlist (you get 1 standard per month if you sign up), choose an 80's pop mix :) its not too bad at all!

Figured my phone would fit in back pocket of capri pants, instead of waist belt, bad decision! So things i have learnt today.....................:

* a phone in your back pocket drags your capris down so you have to hoik up your pants every minute or so to avoid exposing Ali tummy!

* avoid wearing dangly earrings which knock against your headphone-REALLY ANNOYING, they came out sharpish! was lazy and left them in overnight as they were smallish!

* expecting said pocket to hold phone, tic tacs, door key and discarded earrings is a bit much! :(

*if your Garmin won't pick up location, don't try and fiddle with it whilst running , its hard and i ended up pressing all the wrong buttons(found some new things tho!)

so back ok, still not over enthused today but i got out there and completed my mission, be it a short one. Sure next time i will be feeling better, off to get planned scrambled egg breakfast that i was thinking about while running and a VERY large cuppa!

Happy running everyone , and happy Sunday :)


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18 Replies

  • Well done Aliboo - despite all the issues at least you got out there and ran and you must feel better for it. Made me chuckle. Have a great sunday. Must check out your playlist

  • thanks! off out with my hound after breakfast, the suns trying to come out and hes snoozing soundly at mo! yes i can't slack off too much, got my 10k in less than 3 weeks in Bournemouth-EEK! so have to make sure i do my 3 runs a week and no slacking! did my first 10k on thurs , so had a few aches after! i guess the falling down trousers mean i'm getting a flatter tummy!! :) i have 4 playlists from rockmyrun now, they are good especially when its free! :)

  • Sorry Ali, but I'm sat here chuckling! You see I too have had a major wardrobe issue where my earphones were falling out. Tried putting them in again and realised the lead was taught. It turned out that my MP3 player was too heavy for wee pocket in new shorts, so took it out and tucked into bra, whilst running. It then fell out of bra so I ended up having to walk a bit to re-loop the lead so I could carry the darned thing! That was a pretty rubbish run and I bailed out.

    The motto: The elastic on running togs is never tight enough to hold them up when we shove stuff in pockets :)

    PS: good luck for your 10k!

  • you're not wrong there! think a key and tictacs is enough for these ones really! I don't thank often run with music but felt the need today. Have you tried any like these? i had similar issues with earphones and find them great(though a little bright colour for my taste!) but at £4.99 they were good value....

    My old mp3 was not great and similar with earphones but i was given this phone by OH and its so easy to download off computer now! and go straight to the playlist! Down the bra can't have been comfy?!

    You've got to laugh tho at these issues!!! I feel like doing a post to ask "how do you combat sweaty undies?" issue, see if anyone has some recommendations, its the worse feeling!! :(

    thanks for the support, hoping the 10k will be fine!! getting near now!

  • Oh Ali, what a palaver ! I have a little bum bag now for my phone, keys, jelly babies , kitchen sink etc :-)

    I sometimes get the lead from my phone tho tangled in my hands and end up pulling my earphones out. Or sometimes my music and my runkeeper will stop and you end up trying to get them back whilst still running, and trying not to end up on your jacksie ,yep, being there , done that :-)

    Anyway job completed as well as multi- tasking , Well done ! :-) xxx

  • i have one too, but thought i'd be ok with the pocket, realised i was wrong after the 1st minute!! oh well, these things are sent to try us! :) had my brekkie and tea now so get organised for a georgie walk in a min! :)

  • Very funny. Good tips though so thanks!

  • thanks Irishprincess! :)

  • Oh the cursed running wardrobe malfunction. We've all been there I reckon. On one memorable run I had me bra too tight so felt like I was being suffocated and an old pair of capris with dodgy elastic, which ensured I was mooning at following traffic. Happy days. Bet that cup of tea tasted good :)

  • it did! had 2! and that scrambled egg! :) I've had no bra probs since treating myself to a proper running one! This little events are stuff we learn from! My capris were a present from my best friend, she always brings me down a bag of stuff shes clearing out when visiting from the mainland, she has a serious shopping addiction! they are comfy and look nice but obviously need to go easier on that pocket! Your mooning predicament made me giggle! :)

  • What a wonderful post, really made me laugh as we can all relate to that!! And great top it...don't you find your Tic Tacs rattle??? :)

  • Thanks juicyju! used to take them in a tub(yes it was annoying) but now just a few loose, usually one for each k but quite often i forget about them! or jellybeans though they get sticky when hot! ! i did lots of hoiking there and lots back again! never mind! :)

  • Baler twine, that was the answer to my mooning episode or so I told the other half. Just hoping that the parcel from Evans Cycles (massive sale with extra 10% off today) doesn't arrive whilst he is at home!

  • will have to carry emergency twine! :) Exciting to have a parcel on its way! :) hide it in the cupboard! i will have to take a look at that site! :)

  • Oh yeah them pants pockets are way tiny or your phone is way big! My phone is minute so fits just fine but it rattles against my key so I usually leave it at home as it gets on my wick.

    I'm running in a mo. Can't wait to hit the trail. Yayyyyyyy!

  • its a bigger phone than i had before :( have a great run miss non-wobble! :) hope its not too hot, really sunny here! :)

  • Thanks for that music link - just what I was looking for!

  • thats good, i got the info from a post on here originally, they have some fun tunes! :)

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