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First official race - Wilmslow Festive 10km

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Hi all. So I did it!! With some extra motivation from Jancanrun (not letting me tag). It was tough going in parts, freezing cold, wet and early start. Had no music in my ears as although people did, I wanted to take in the atmosphere and support. So glad I did. Had little chats with runners along the way and one of the pacers. My chip time was 1:13:11 and I am totally made up with that. A whole 2 minutes better than my own 10km three weeks ago. And I’ve not trained since due to the fibromyalgia. Totally recommend official racing.

Celebrating with red wine, steak and blue cheese. 🍷🍷🧀

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Fantastic run, well done and a fab time as well!

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Very very well done, a terrific achievement .

Hope you've enjoyed your reward

This is not just a race, this is a Marks and Spencer race... Mrs T what a cracking time, loving the meal celebration too, except blue cheese uurrggghhh devils food....😈

But I am dead impressed - you never wanted your running to be defined by fibromyalgia, and you sure kicked it into touch today.

Well done, big hugs


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MrsT82 in reply to Jancanrun

It’s like the Marmite of cheeses. For me the combo above is my perfect meal and would totally be my death row meal 😂 xx

Thank you. I appreciate your words. The medal is going up on the wall xx

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Jancanrun in reply to MrsT82

Uuurrrggghhh Marmite too? The medal is brilliant and I think you’ve done amazingly well... now when is that half marathon again?

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MrsT82 in reply to Jancanrun

I am not a huge fan of Marmite tbh by it I do like it xx

It is in October. So I have the Manchester Run in May too x

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Jancanrun in reply to MrsT82

Okay my word you are committed! X

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Fantastic. 🙌🏼

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Well done, you are amazing. There is no holding you back! A very well deserved victory dinner. :)

Congratulations &very well done

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Yay well done! Xx

Whoop whoop well done. Your first race is always special. Great time too 🙂

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Yup, racing is a BLAST! Who knew 😁

So, well done 👍🏅. You’ll be hooked now 😃

Woo hoo... Go Mrs T...

Congratultions great time and distance :) :) ;)

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