Running along Ipanema beach front

So I have been trying to keep up my running in prep for my race a week today. Feeling a bit nervous, purely because my spanish is not that good and I am worried I won't be able to follow the race instructions. Yes I am a worry wart.

So first run was in the iguassu national park, that is sub tropical was very humid and with lots of inclines, can't say they were hills because they weren't. Managed 40minutes not sure of distance because had no garmin.

Today the road by Ipanema beach is closed for runners and cyclists, Britain should so follow suite it's great, people working out too on the beach. It was raining which was nice, as was cooling plus there were puddles which cooled my feet. Ran only for 30minutes as very, very humid. It was fantastic, seeing surfers in the rain, running towards the two brothers peaks. I will be getting up early on Tuesday (hangover depending, iris my partners birthday on Monday) plan is to run along Ipanema again, so the plan is to set the alarm for 6.30 for 1 hour run. Can't wait it's feels like Christmas!


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17 Replies

  • How lovely. I've got some flip flops called Ipanema.

  • Yeah - they are good. That's the neighbourhood we are at.

  • Did you know it's the bottoms of the flipflops that make them special. Each neighbourhood habits own patterned pavement and those flipflops have the pattern worked into the bottom so you can you tell which neighbourhood people are from when they walk in the sand

  • Wow, sounds a world away from the seafront where I live in Weston super Mare!

    Great training - sounds like you're doing well - I'll look back at your posts to see what race you're doing, and wish you all the very best with it.

    :) xx

  • It's just a 10k around the streets of santiago trust me it's nothing exotic! Just hope for a good time. One week to go!

  • Oooh The Girl from Ipanema!

    Who sang that? It'll drive me mad now trying to remember!

    Our town was closed off last week for a road race, much to the annoyance of some of the locals. Folks go into panic mode if they can't use their cars for half an hour.

    Your runs sounds a bit more exotic than mine Vix! Good look with your race preparations. Don't do too much! Less is more, so they say

  • Well frank suntan tea sang it but the original was buy this women forget her name.

    It's nice running by the seaside - I love the sea though, so any beach is fantastic to me.

    I know it's silly but people here are so accepting that roads are closed for party of the day. The benefit is so many people are running etc so why not, even in today's rainy weather conditions!

    How was the road race by you miss wobble? I feel a bit out of it as I haven't managed to catch up on the forum

  • Ha ha Vixchile , I love how you wrote " Its just a 10k around the streets of Santiago " compared to where I run, that is very exotic, trust me :-D xxx

  • Oh trust me it's not!your not missing out!

  • I've just Google pictures of Ipenema beach and Santiago, you must just be used to them cos they are both gorgeous! I want to run on that beach!


    I also want to go to that beach -- but not for the same reason as you !! :)

  • Oh yes there were a few very beautiful people! It's a great beach much better than its famous neighbour

  • Ipanema is very beautiful but the streets of santiago being harassed by dogs is wearing a bit thin.

  • Naughty Bazza...take 100 lines - I will not look at bare bums while running, I might fall over....

  • It's the men's toned six packs that you want to worry about

  • I'm quite jealous of your running location, but please be aware your spanish won't do much as people in Brazil speak portuguese.

  • to help you pick up some key differences from the Spanish language ;)

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