Oh I will miss running along this beach promenade!

Oh I will miss running along this beach promenade!

We're at Binz on the German island of Ruegen in the Baltic. It has been a blessed escape from Berlin with temperatures of 33 and 34 degrees. Ugh. Here the sea breeze knocks the temperatures back where I like them in the 20s and the sea is cold, as you'd expect but if you've swum in UK summers, you are hardy enough to get in there and enjoy it.

This is the sea promenade. Our hotel is to the left at the end of the beach and the promenade continues to the right past the town becoming forest edged on one side, endless white sand and pale blue sea on the other. Beautiful, give me the seaside over a city anytime but especially for running.

Normally I run 3x week but here I'm running 6x because it is too fab not to. Probably why my eyes are shut in the photo - knackered!


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  • Looking cool there Bop, and where your staying looks lovely! Happy running! 😎

  • It is a quiet little place but I like that. I'm also curious to see how my body finds running more often as I plan to run with my daughter and see her through the programme but I'd like to keep up my own runs alongside. Let's see how it goes and if the knees will complain.

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! 😎

  • Thanks Frank. I actually took up running for my daughter - to do it with her but she chose not to in the end, so running has become my thing and I love it. She 's not very athletic but maybe she'll take to it, starting tomorrow I hope.

  • Looks lovely - what a fab place to run! And well done on all that extra runningπŸ™‚. Good luck to your daughter on her C25k journey too!

  • Thanks Sandra. Maybe she'll even post (and complain about me!). You never know with teenagers. I'm following in your footsteps here, now you've got your sons out running.

  • What fine examples we are! My eldest is now on the 25 min runs and loving it - think I may have a convert there!πŸ™‚ The twelve year old likes it when he's out but still takes a little erm, encouragement shall we say? He's a couple of runs behind his brother but doing well. Am hoping for a parkrun with them very soon!

  • Well done Sandra but you'll have to watch out: it'll be them dragging you out for runs in the rain and signing you up for races next!

  • Good luck to your daughter Bop, ( and to Sandraj39 's sons too) My 18 year old daughter is on w6 at the moment and running with her has been a revelation. I always thought I was a solitary bod, but turns out I much prefer having company. Can't wait for her to feel confident enough to tackle Parkrun :)

  • Oh well done, getting your daughter out running. Imhope she takes to it. Are you running and walking with her or just running slowly alongside? I do relish my alone time running, so it is interesting that you say you're enjoying the company. I think a bit selfishly, I wanted to keep my running for myself.

  • I'm running and walking with her. I suspect it would be too demoralising for her if I ran the walk bits, no matter how slowly I went. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't missing my longer runs but it's just so nice to spend time with her after so many months of her shutting herself away to study for her exams. :)

  • Oh you sound like a lovely mum :)

  • Think that could be the nicest thing anyone ever said about me. Thank you Bop ❀️❀️

  • Oh Bop, what a lovely photo ! You look fab ( even though you've fallen asleep stood up ) Ha ha :-D

    What an absolutely gorgeous place to run . I am so envious , it is my dream to run along the sea front and if I win the Lottery I am running away to the seaside !

    Enjoy running with your daughter , have fun ! :-) xxx

  • It is my dream to live by the seaside. Some people are photogenic but I always manage to look a complete dork in photos!

  • I always tend to close my eyes just as the shutter clicks ! Must admit, I am not all that keen on having my photo taken :-) xxx

  • Bop, it looks great there! Looks like a palace behind you, probably a hotel, have you been staying there?

    I know someone who is a Parkrun tourist and travels around various Parkruns in the UK, he and his wife run chosen one's often, which overlook the sea on the Kent & Sussex coast..😊

  • It is a Kurhaus Dave. In the watering holes for the wealthy they used to have one building which was a multi purpose gathering point with concert halls, theatres, a restaurant and so on. That big building is the Kurhaus at Binz. Baden Baden and similar spas all had one.

    Our hotel isn't on that picture. It is away to the left, near the end of the beach. It is a lovely building. The architecture here is interesting. The buildings are 3 storeys high with pointed gables and lots of wooden latticework. They also all painted white. Originally they were individual family villas for wealthy Prussian familes but nowadays they're hotels.

  • Oh that looks lovely Bop. I so agree with you -nothing compares to running along the prom with a sea breeze to keep you cool. A good prom is definitely a major consideration when picking a holiday destination :)

  • Absolutely love the sight of the sea, the freshness of the air and the sound of gulls. Love the seaside, who doesn't? If ai run along the prom though I run on cobblestones. At some point beyond the town, there is a sandy verge, so once there I run on that. The path continues for miles round the coast and is flat so ideal for longer runs. I'm doing 2 longer runs, heading out for 2 hours or so but then I start wanting my breakfast so turn back. The other runs I'm just doing half an hour because worried about what those cobblestones are doing to my knees. Breakfast is a delicious spread but I'm eating a huge amount after running so think unfortunately I'm going to be running more but actually putting on weight!

  • 2hours?? You're running for 2hours, twice a week and then doing 30minute runs on 4 other days?? Crumbs, you're putting the rest of us to shame, that's a massive amount of running! On the other hand, if I was somewhere like that, I might be tempted to adopt that regime too. :)

  • It is all flat remember!

  • That looks gorgeous, there is something very special about running by the sea...

  • There definitely is if you usually live in a city inland. I wonder if, like islandrunner you always run by the sea, it palls on you. I doubt it though, the sea is so changeable. Must be difficult to keep upright mid-winter though when the gales are blowing!

  • That looks beautiful BTYD. Enjoy your running and the rest of your holiday 😎

  • Thanks IP :) How's your running these days, everything ok now?

  • Sorry BTYD realised I didn't reply to you πŸ™

    It's going really well. No aches and my body seems to have got used to the orthotics. Happy bunny πŸ€—

  • Oh brilliant! :)

  • Beautiful picture, you look very content. It makes me want to drive to the sea and run; not that our local prom is anywhere near as glamorous! Six runs sounds an awful lot though. Don't overdo it!

  • It is a lot but only 2 of the runs are long ones, the others are 30 min and I am slow. I will take it easy back home though. I just want to run more because the air is so much fresher (I live in a city and mostly run in a park), so taking advantage of having something different. We're a very long drive from the coast usually but if I had say an hour's drive, I'd occasionally head out early to the seaside for a run. Here I occasionally drive out and run round a lake or in the forest but in the week, I don't have the time.

  • I am so jealous I could spit! I so want to run on the prom. Any old prom will do. Yours looks particularly spiffing 😊 Sounds like you are tearing up the town. You'll need a holiday after πŸ˜₯

    Have a lovely time ☺

  • Thanks misswobble! I'd love to have you here for a run and a nice natter :)

  • Oh yeah that would be lovely! Ooooh and a nice cuppa tea after and some cake.

  • You've got it sussed there. Actually a C25K meet-up would be brilliant.

  • That looks lovely. You've put into mind the possibility of a trip to the coast - not terribly inspiring as it's the North Sea but there's sand & waves :-D

  • If it is not too far to travel, I am sure it would do you good. We sometimes drive up to the coast at the weekend. It is a long drive but once you get on the autobahn here there is no speed limit. Gets a bit nerve-wracking in the passenger seat but you do cover a lot of distance in a short time. I like my fish and chip fix and a blast of sea air.

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