Running in the Dark

it's a whole other thing, isn't it?

Now kids are back at school and work in full swing again and Autumn is upon us suddenly, the only times I can get out to run during the week are before 7AM or after 8PM. This has meant a change of route from my usual wildlife sanctuary wilderness to *shudder* in town under streetlights. Can't say I am enjoying the urban setting (although the perimeter road of Glastonbury is not exactly 'Urban' in the ghetto sense), but the darkness is a weird experience. In some ways quite enjoyable, although I am sure the novelty may wear off as the temperature drops and the precipitation levels rise. I suppose I am going to have to start thinking about hi-viz runningwear. *shuuders more violently*


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  • Yes all change and new experiences to get up in the dark and go running but well done for getting out there

  • It's going to be a learning curve for a lot of us, as a lot of the contributors at the moment are spring/summer starters! I have my hi viz pink over-vest from my bike so everyone will be blinded by my pinkness in their lights - I may have to give the country roads a miss as too dangerous, and the park a miss as ... well, I don't think our village is a dangerous place, but then I've never been to the park on my own in the dark here ...

  • High viz running jackets from Aldi are cheap as chips. Running after dark in the orange glow of street lights is ok but in places where it's shadowy from trees you have to watch your feet or you can trip up as pavements are uneven and sunken in places. Our pavements are terrible! Most of them are sloped because of flooding (not that we have flooded as far as I'm aware) Hard enough to walk on em ne'er mind run! Tsk I ran all through winter and the only problem I encountered was ice!!!! I was wearing trail shoes but it was still too slippery first thing in the morning so I had to switch running times to give the ice a chance to thaw before heading back out

  • I had a problem with all the pavements in our village sloping. The reason my left knee got injured in Week 3 was because of country road sloping to the side for drainage, and since then I've noticed that all our pavements do this too. Heaven knows how little old folk with walking aids cope! I go out early and run in the middle of the road (admittedly in quite a quiet village) with one earphone in so I can scoot over if a car comes!

  • I mostly run evenings and due to the summer abandoning us the way it did my local parks have been 'no-go's' for a couple of weeks but this week the sun has returned and last night at 7pm it was still bright and sunny! There were loads of dog walkers and kids about and I ran through 2 local park through fallen leaves (already!). Made me feel so good :-) winter/dark running is a whole new thing and not nearly so enjoyable - there are trip hazards and the dreaded ice/frost to contend with. Sometimes it's easier to switch to the treadmill on icy days

  • I have also been facing the return of the dark mornings, having gone through all last winter with pre-7am runs. Luckily, I have a route which is frequented by other runners which feels kind of clubby even though there is rarely even a passing nod between us. My husband bought me high viz gloves and a clip-on light which I can attach to my roadside arm - it does make me feel a bit safer. I think some of the runners, all in black, don't realise how 'invisible' they are. The one upside is that I think I perform better at lower temperatures, so there is some consolation. Good luck for the winter and let's start looking forward to next spring. :-)

  • I'm a bit nervous about night running. The park that forms some of my route is a definite no-go area but the rest is pretty residential, but still a little unnerving as it's bordering on some less than pleasant areas. I may have to invest in a gym membership and just run during the day at weekends. I start work at 8am so running before work is going to be impossible in a few short weeks time.

  • I still have my mohawk from the Color run last weekend. When I encounter people while out running in the dark, they tend to hurriedly cross the street to get away from me. Grunty sweaty mohicaned burly bloke looming out of the night. lol.

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