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Hi all, Just signed up to this community. Have tackled C25K several times in the past but always given up. This time - have stuck to it and am about to start Week 8. Never thought I would be running 25mins non stop - so am quite proud. Looking forward to a 5K run. (maybe) Not bad for a soon to be 60 year old.

Would love to hear from other "oldies" to are tackling the programme.

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Well done for coming back again and again. It's hard to have to go back to the beginning and try again. Most people who give up just flop down for good.

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Well done sue buzz- what tenacity - keep it up this time you're doing so well!

I'm 54 if that counts, on week 7 😀


Thank you for your kind replies. Rainshine you are a mere youngster still. I do feel more motivated this time and of course my husband Peter has embarked on this journey with me, supporting me all the way.


OH goodie ! Another oldie here!! :) There are lots of us. Welcome to both yourself and your husband - and congrats for coming so far. You will get lots of encouragement, support, info and enthusiasm here :)

I am almost 69YO (November) . I started all this early last year - and haven't looked back since :) My running log ticked over 1,420 klms this morning


Hiya Suebuzz. Well done on sticking with the programme this time. I'll soon be 58 started C25k just over 2 years ago and am still running 3 times a week. Done a few 10k's but my average run is 6k or 7k. Really enjoy it (not every run) and really enjoy seeing myself as someone who runs. I hated it with a vengeance at school and still find it hard to believe I am a runner. My daughter got men started then my husband did the programme a few months after me and he's hooked too. I love it when I visit my daughter (she's in upstate new work) or she comes home and we all go for a wee run together.

I don't post that much on here now but there are loads of folk who do regularly so keep posting and keep running and have fun!


really well done suebuzz :) to keep trying and succeed says a lot about you , keep going you are nearly there :)


Hello (waves) So glad you've stuck to the programme this time. It's great isn't it! You're nearly at the end so keep going!

I was 56 when I graduated and had never run before. People of all ages, shapes and sizes have benefitted from C25k and gone on to do all sorts of running feats. That's not the main aim though, which is to get off the sofa and back to health.

If you look at the links to the right of your screen, in blue text, you'll see a link to Week 8, so there you can check out the posts from those at the same point as you

Enjoy your last few weeks. Go carefully and enjoy it


Welcome Sue! Another 'oldie' here - I started nearly three years ago at 61 - and just got in from a 10k run. Age is definitely no barrier! Just go at your own pace, there is no pressure to achieve anything other than completing the programme, and enjoy it. You're so close to graduating - congratulations!


I am 51 and was a non runner a few weeks ago, I am doing week 7,r2 tomorrow! It was hard at first but I can run for 30 minutes now so I feel ready to graduate but going to keep repeating that 3 times a week for a couple more weeks to improve my pace and distance covered.

I am obsessed with running now, read about it, write about it on forums, think about it, plan where to go and run. This is someone who hated all exercise 6 months ago!!



Hi Sue, well done for sticking at it - you'll soon be graduating! Lots of us oldies here. I graduated at 59 two years ago and still run 5k 2 or 3 times a week.

Great isn't it!


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