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Less of a run, but at least I got up and out!

Headed out in the fog tonight, so had to wear my hi-viz jacket. However, it really wasn't cold enough for it and so I was sweating buckets within minutes. After about 8 minutes I got a stitch and had to walk it off, but when I started to run it came right back, along with another one lower down. So, back to walking, ah well.

I did eventually manage to run and I think I managed 3k before I had to walk again. Anyway, by the time I got home I had covered 5k one way or another.

As the title says, at least I got up and out. I just wanted to post the so that everyone knows that it's ok sometimes to walk, and it's better than sitting on the couch. :)

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well done. Every run is a good run.

I have to say I would not run on roads in fog though. Hi viz or no hi viz.


I don't go on the roads at all. I'm either on pavements or trails. I wasn't going to bother with the hi viz as the pavements are pretty wide so I don't have to be close to the kerb, and usually there's no one on the trails. Strangely I saw loads of runners and cyclists on the trails tonight - I don't usually see anyone!


Its great being able to keep the run till the end even if you are walking half of the time, it shows great mental stamina !:)

As you said, its always better than being on the coach !

keep it up :)


SO much better than sitting on the couch ! and 5K's not a bad distance however you cover it. Well done.



Well done for sticking with it


Definitely better than the couch and I too have come to understand that it doesn't always have to be perfect as long as you're doing it :)

Well done !


Any run is far better than no run. So well done for making youself go out in that weather.

As for the hi viz jacket. Have you considered a mesh-type bib so that it doesn't add any extra insulation and heat? I'm sure there are cheaper options, but this is the kind of thing I was thinking about:

Hope you stay indoors and safe for the rest of the night.


A very respectable distance, well done. Could you maybe tie the jacket around your waist or something?


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