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Z4R1 - I did it I got out there. Maybe if I run fast enough I can eat a whole biscuit?

Z4R1 - I did it I got out there. Maybe if I run fast enough I can eat a whole biscuit?

Behold the biscuit thieves, they will will steal them from your mouth given half a chance.

So this morning saw me again snuggling back on my mattress which is sprung with a lovely memory foam top, my head sinking into my memory foam pillow and mummbling at the cat to get off of my bedside table before he/she/it - one of the tabby ones - knocked my glass flying.

Then to become aware that another cat was staring at me - oh god it's perve cat as I ensure all flesh is covered by duvet - he is a licker and he doesn't care where he licks.

It's time to get up. Urgh. If I go out now I will get mixed up with the hob goblins on their way to school. I'll go in a bit. Feed the hoard, feed myself - oh well I won't be going running now. Make coffee for Mr Mouse and head back to bed to sulk some more. I'm good at sulking - yep still no news.

Day proceeds run to the tip, a stop at decathlon to get a nose clip for swimming and ooooh look a sale. I now have a new drinks bottle for my bike, I wasn't using a proper one and it didn't really fit in the bottle cage very well. I also have some new leggings, I would have liked the cycle short style ones but the ones in the sale were a little too bright for me, but I was tempted by the yellow for a nano second.

Look at BBC weather app and think oooh it's far too hot for anything today I should just wait.

Then I decided that I should go.

So off battle dog and I went at around 4.30 this afternoon.

I took a water bottle (the bike one, I still don't have a running one) and managed ok with that and lead. I had to keep alternating it though, wow they get heavy.

So afternoon heat runs still not my friend. It became a run walk session again. I am beginning to think I have convinced myself that I can no longer do it. I don't know. My belly feels full and uncomfortable. It is better with water though. I think I need to go out early on an empty tummy and see if I can still do it and if it's just afternoon timing that's throwing me off or if I do have a proper attack of the gremlins.

If it is gremlins I am thinking interval training again to build up stamina and kick those gremlins in touch.

Anyway so run walk with zombies done and another few miles logged.

4.48 km - it was meant to be the long run but it was far too hot to care about anything more than surviving

41.22 minutes

9.14 min/km

4 zombie chases - 3 completed.

I think I want to be a pampered bunny.

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What a pair of content bunnies you have! And your licking cat as well; I bet that can be unnerving at times!

We need to talk about yellow shorts. Yellow is very bright, by its very nature, but it's a look you'll rock to perfection I think. Go on..... They're on offer, doncha know.....

You're doing really well, and given the time of day too, that's fantastic. I'd struggle running when it's so hot. It's struggle enough in the early morn when it's only just warm!

It is possible to talk yourself out of something, and it's definitely psychological. Think you won't and you won't, that's what I've found.

I think a pair of yellow shorts would help. *nods*


Ummm not convinced by the yellow, if I could find a mythical running skirt to go with them then I would brave it but my wobbles are far better contained in dark colours.

I think I will have to try and get back into a routine of early runs for a while, and then try the afternoon ones again. Mornings would be better for Ferd.


A running skirt; that would be quite the look!

Remember, dark colours attract the heat..... That said, bright ones attract wasps so it's a no-win really!

You're really doing well with the afternoon runs. I have my first 10K race tomorrow and, for reasons unknown, it starts at 1100. In July. At that time today it was roasting hot so I have to say, I'm quite apprehensive about it. Thankfully there's water stations every 2.5K and I'll be saying hello to every one of them!


Sorry to hijack your thread Spoonie :-)

Hi Miles, Good luck for tomorrow, hope it cools down a bit for you. It has been unbearably hot and sticky today . Plenty of water, that's the way :-) xxx


Thanks Pops! :-) I'll make a thread about it shortly, I was just catching up with posts I've missed today; so much catching up to do! xx


Okay Miles, look forward to reading it, you are such a social butterfly :-) xxx


I know you keep telling us you feed the hoards, but how many of them are there? There's battle dog, 2 scout bunnies, how many mogs, perverted and otherwise? Any others? Guard llama? (Friend's daughter wanted a guard llama.)


The hoard is as follows:

2 giant house rabbits (pictured above) - Jeeves and Wooster

2 ickle bunnies that live outside - Magic and Kirk

4 cats - Lady Drusilla, Luna, Ulysses and Ceasar

And Ferdinand the sprocker spaniel

I want chickens (I have names for chickens) and Mr Mouse wants more bunnies (well so do I really, even if they are little cute balls of fluff sent from the devil).

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The kids want bunnies (or did when they were younger, not sure about now), I'd like them, unfortunately so would all the urban foxes around here. Before anyone says the foxes can't get at the bunnies in their cage, the problem would be the foxes sniffing round the cage and the dog going totally mental indoors and making huge amounts of noise indoors in the middle of the night trying to get out to see the foxes off!

Ditto with chickens.

Enjoy your menagerie (I hope the chickens appear ;) ).


We have foxes they used to come up close to the house but now they don't, they still come into the garden though, one of our neighbours has chickens and they haven't had a problem with the foxes.

Bunnies are a big committment and need a lot of space most of the commercial hutches and runs are far too small, a shed or Wendy house would be better, with custom run or avairy, though our little ones do have a hutch (but it is a large one meeting rabbit welfare association guidance) but eventually we shall upgrade to a shed. There are lots of measures you can take to guard against foxes. Though the best way to keep rabbits is to have them as house rabbits, they are very social, can be litter trained so very clean and they love to play. They do also need a lot of exercise so you need the time to commit to giving them that. Oh and they are classed as an exotic pet and despite being the third mostly popular pet (and most neglected) most vets don't have a clue beyond general vaccination.

Rabbits are awesome.

I hope I will get my chickens one day :)


This hot weather is a killer isn't it. Still you got out there girl and look at you thinking 4.5k is a short run!

Love those bunnies - they look huge!


Thank you it was meant to be 5k+ trying to slowly build up! but yes you are right it wasn't really that short and this time last year I would have struggled walking that.

The bunnies pictures are indeed huge, they are giants - French Lops.


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