one years running

one years running

september 15 i started last year 1400 miles later 2injuries(low point) 2 10ks and 3rd half in 2 and a bit weeks the highs my first race my first bling but most of all doing the cambridge half was a major step for me i knew then that was the moment that running had change my life for the better and all i wanted to do was run so thank you laura and thank you nhs c25k xx

with 2 and a half weeks left to race day ive only been running 3 days aweek i had my injection last week so im being a bit cautious start a core program and doing hip exercises ,ive only been running 5 and 10ks but had a nice seven last night through the centre of cambridge and very nice that was too also back in pool for a mile once a week ,all i need to do is bust a 13 out before just to ease my mind next sunday i think and i will be fine dont think i will get the 1hr 40 time i wanted more like 1hr 50 but i shall give it my best or glue myself to the pacer enjoy your running and have faith you can do it

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  • Wow, just wow Moger!! That means you have been averaging a marathon distance a week. Incredible! Puts my paltry efforts to shame.

  • Love the picture!

    Well done on all those miles, that is incredible. You've done amazingly. I will keep my fingers crossed for your 1:40 on Sunday.

  • race is on 12 oct royal parks london just me and 16000 others

  • thanks tomas race is royal parks on the 12 oct hopeyour running is going well

  • I only understood every other word of that lot! Must be runner speak. I must get my dictionary out!

  • lol

  • Good luck for next Sunday and let us know how it went. We recent grads look to the C25K alumni for inspiration and 1400 miles is definitely inspiring!

  • thanks royal parks im running on the 12 oct its got to be a marathon soon i think

  • That is amazing Moger! You have done so well-what a distance! Hope the race goes well for you, let us all know. So, how many pairs of shoes have you got through? X :-)

  • thats a good one puma fass nike flex new balance and have 3 pairs now nike lunarfly trail nike free 4.0 and my new ones saucony triumph 10 there fab

  • Wow! by my reckoning after graduation you must be averaging around 33 miles a week! That's a lot of hours on your feet. Serious effort there. Well done. And best of luck for your half. I'd be elated with 1.50.

  • thanks rignold need a marathon next fingers crossed for london ballot in oct otherwise looking at manchester

  • amazing Moger, you are fab and I know you will totally nail the HM :)

  • thanks jj need to do a marathon soon or im toying with the doing a half in fancy dress cambridge half would be good but what to go as

  • A Moomin

  • ha ha batman might do it

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