I feel epic!

Sorry for stealing a popular ads slogan but that's how I feel. I set off today in the sunshine for a "short easy run"! And the bit of sunshine must have been shining on my stopwatch because I just kept running and I had 2 PB's in one run! I ran a route I had done once before (a practice for my recent 10k race) of 9.2k which I did in 1hr 16mins today I did it in 1hr 5mins! So I kept running so I could compare it with my 10k time of 1hr16mins and ended up doing 10.27k in 1hr14mins:-) :-) :-) I started running last year at 61 and had to stop until an angina scare was sorted so couldn't run again til January this year and signed up for a 10k to motivate myself to train and I can recommend it. I havent looked back since and its given me such a buzz I've decided to train for a half marathon and hopefully the London. The moral of my long post is set a goal and reach for it, don't let age or suspected illness hold you back (within reason) I thought I was silly to think I should aim to get faster at my age but within my age group I can so go for it!!

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  • Thanks kittykat I just hope everyone on here get the same buzz cos were all epic for doing what were doing to change our lives xx

  • Brilliant! Sounds like you had a great run.

  • I did hope you enjoy it as much as I do :-)

  • Hey added bonus just noticed I've got my graduate badge yay I'm so happy:-) :-) :-)

  • Congratulations :) looks good there

  • Congrats on your graduation and fantastic run! I'm about half way there, so looking forward to doing more than 2 or 3 k.

  • Thank you I hope you'll share the experience and the elation with us when you do its what encourages,inspires and keeps everyone on here going and achieving xx

  • Hey! Well done you and there is nothing better than a great run (ok there probably is but not at that moment!) Your times are fantastic keep it up and I hope you continue to enjoy the goals you are achieving :)

  • thank you and it still feels good this morning no aches so all good x

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