more running

more running

runs so far this week

5.01 in 40 .08 tues

8.01 1hr 03 thurs

had a nice 8 miles today im not really pushing on these runs which means i get to enjoy it a lot more run in town today i took my running coat then took off after 2 miles very wet and muggy here 2 more runs for this week 11 tomorrow and the 13.2 on sunday i will post again then keep running all

7 Replies

  • Well done on your distance and times. Xxx

  • thanks kickibro

  • good running Moger...

  • thanks mrs j back in the zone again read your latest keep up the good work

  • Like the picture!! well done on your runs! you just can't stop!! :)

  • thanks aliboo i think the pic sums me up

  • I think you are probably faster than Roadrunner! Well done x

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