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W6R2 and threw teddy out the pram!!

Ok so far I have found this tough but I have stuck to it enjoyed it and looked forward to the next run, but today I did one 10 minutes run lost Laura as normally do now, got onto second 10 minute run and well first time ever got a stitch, so did what Laura said slow down tried to relax it eased so started again then it came back so slowed down relaxed started again back it came this went on for about 6 minutes when I finally got the hump threw teddy out the pram ok it was really a towel and treadmill and got so angry at myself started the old can't do this why am I bothering I don't even like running malarky.. picked up towel threw it around some more and well now I am back thinking I need to do this again as no way I can run for 25 mins when I just died on 10 minutes!!

Grr so annoyed at myself for allowing a stitch to cause me to have to do it again then I get what if I can't do it and well I am back at towel throwing temper tantrums again... Help. X

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A drink of water half an hour before your run might help with the stitch.


Don't worry - just put it down to a bad run - we all have them. Take a day's rest and try again - W6 is always a little tricky so you're not the only one. Maybe try slowing down a little when you run from the beginning, then up the pace if things feel ok? Another thing that I found useful that's quite simple if you're a treadmill runner is to put your towel over the timer. I tend to clock watch quite a lot and find it difficult when my head is telling me you've got 10 minutes to go, you've got 9 mins 30 seconds to go etc. Time passes quicker when you're less focused on the timer and just concentrating on Laura's questionable taste in music.

You'll be fine, you will storm it next time. Just don't listen to those gremlins!


How do you know you can't do 25 mins ? Just because you had one bad run doesn't mean anything, if you have followed the programme this far you should be able to do it. Don't let the gremlins get to you. You can do this...You've obviously got plenty of energy left if you can do towel throwing and temper tantruming....


Make sure you are well hydrated before running, not just right before but the 12 hour before. Or allways - should aim for urine to be pale yelow./ straw colour. Also I tend to get a stitch if I let my breathing get uncontrolled i drop my pace slightly, concentrate on breathing in through count of 3 and breathing out through my mouth for at least count of 3. Try and keep your core strong and really try and breath out fully empty your lungs as much as you can, then deep breath in again.

You can do it - keep on plugging through it we have all had our moments of doubt But you will get your graduate badge


You are the one for us!!!!! The The Dozz-ville Challenge Award For The Discombulated is the way forward for triathletes such as you! Join us! Last two weeks of July is participation fortnight. 30 mins running, 30 swimming (full on serious swim not essential, wading in shallow end is fine) and 30 biking (excerise bike fine). Any order. Any number of days! £1 to charity entrance fee. No results to be posted. (So I don't get depressed about mine which will not be good.) You know you want to! Let me know.

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Ps The Dozz-ville Challenge Award For The Discombulated can have some walking as well as running.


I don't understand why you lost Laura. Are you using the app (lots of people have trouble with that) or have you downloaded the podcasts from ?

They are excellent, and glitch free.


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