Week 9 Run 3 - Trial Separation

It is with some regret that Laura and myself are announcing a mutually agreed trial separation because I have finished Week 9 Run 3 and I think that means graduation. We have had had a lot of good times together, the odd fight and I am sure that we will be back together soon in C25K+. Todays final run was really good, a total of 5.2k including the warm-up and down walks and a total time of 45 minutes. Actually something strange happened that I don't remember happening before, as I was getting to the end of the 30 minute run I had a surge of energy and just felt I could keep on going so I did although then hit a point where I knew it was sensible to stop but that was encouraging for the future. What have I learnt, don't give up, just take small steps (I don't mean small physical steps) and you will get there, get the right shoes, I know they are expensive but they make a huge difference and use this forum for support if things are not going well, actually use this forum even if they are going well. How do I feel? Good. I have more energy, no more getting out of breath going up and down flights of stairs, probably a bit more confident because I have lost a few pounds, not many but my posture has improved so I feel better about myself and I think my general health is better, my blood pressure is heading down so that's a huge bonus. Thank you all for your encouragement and when can I stop sweating!!


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29 Replies

  • That's amazing Paul - well done! I actually DO take very small steps. Perhaps that's why I only cover 3k in 25 mins at my current speed! Onwards and upwards!

  • Thanks, feels good.

  • Hey Paul, fab stuff, great post. Many , many congratulations to you on your graduation . Good to hear that this programme has had such a positive effect on your health and well being, it really works doesn't it ?

    Enjoy your graduation day, you can stop sweating now ( well for the time being anyway ha ha ) Onwards Paul , always :-) xxx

  • It does work and can't wait to see the doctor and see if I can get of the blood pressure pills, if I can then that is just one huge success.

  • Congrats on your graduation! Don't forget your badge!

    I wonder if you are strong enough to stay away from Laura, you might find you miss her....

  • Missing her already, Laura who?

  • Woohoo! I expect your badge will be along shortly.

    Completely agree about the shoes and maybe one day the rest of my kit will get the same care and attention, though I am very fond of the t-shirt bought in 1994 (at Wimbledon semi-finals, Sampras and Ivanisevic) and the first edition Ron Hill nylon static electricity generators. I have come to rely on the electric shocks to spur me on at the end when I am flagging.

    Lower blood pressure is great news and increased self-confidence can only be a winner.

    Congratulations Paul :)

  • That just made me laugh out loud.

    The image of static electricity cracking as you run is brilliant. ;)

  • Thanks and the badge is already there, how quick was that. I brought a couple of vests and shorts etc. but have to admit to wearing a John McEnroe style sweatband, the look is not good but it stops it getting in my eyes, my granddaughter thinks I look silly, I don't care!

  • Well done Paul, that is brilliant.

    I hope life without Laura (for a few runs anyway) are great fun for you. It is like being 'free'!

    If you are still on the treadmill, get outside and soak up the final bits of the summer sun and take in the scenery before the weather turns!

    And don't forget to treat yourself to something running related as a well done gift.....

    I am now on the c25k+ podcasts and really quite enjoying them, although I do run without them still when the mood takes me.

  • Thank you, treadmill yes but have graduated so always said I will try the great outdoors after that, either this weekend or next depending what we are planning, I'll let you know how that goes. I assume running related does not mean going down the pub, sorry, had to ask. C25k+ looks like the next step but a few days or weeks without Laura first.

  • It's funny you say that as my last run was my usual walking route to the pub, but this time I chose to run right past and looped back home for a banana and a pint of water instead.

    When I do relax and sip a couple of pints, it is now guilt free due to the calories burnt by running!

    Enjoy the great outdoors!

  • Congratulations Paul. I hope you are feeling really proud of yourself. Lots of running adventures ahead - the sweating never really stops I'm afraid.

  • Thanks you, feels very good and I know it doesn't, I have had a shower and still sweating.

  • That's excellent news Paul, so pleased for you!

    Enjoy wherever C25K graduation takes you :)

  • Thank you, probably back to Laura quite soon to try the C25K+.

  • Well done Paul, knew you could do it ! Great news on your physical improvement and enjoy your running, you runner, you.

  • Thank you, sounds strange to be called a runner rather than a couch potato!!

  • Wow, well done!!! It sounds like you finished in style and so encouraging for you to know that you had more in the tank after the main run was done. Thanks for sharing, I have 2 more runs to do this week before I can join the Graduate club, hope to see you there soon, go get that badge!

  • Thank you, I did but then I didn't, it was like the plug had been pulled but I think that's a reflection on stamina improving, everyone, even the worlds best must have limits where they cannot give anymore. 2 more runs to go is great, go get your badge.

  • Brilliant. Well done, it sounds like you are doing fab. Good luck with your running x

  • Thank you, doing ok now I have to go on without Laura.

  • Fab post! Well done! I'm so pleased for you. You sound so happy and positive, and like a proper runner!!! Agree this forum is great. Got me through some dodgy times too!! See you at that finish line soon!!!

  • Many congrats on graduating and sporting your shiny badge - enjoy the free styling now :)

  • Thank you, free styling later this week.

  • Fantastic Paul well done and congratulations on your shiny badge. So nice to see people at the end of the beginning of their new running career ;-)

  • Thank you, I agree it's not finishing C25K it's starting running once you finish.

  • Congratulation on your graduation.

    This is a start of a new running adventure. Good luck with freestyling!

  • Thank you, free styling is a new word and world to me.

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