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Week 9 run 3 but what now?!

I actually completed my third run this morning - couldn't wait to get up early this morning and do it. What a change from my previous attempts at running outdoors! Dreaded getting the trainers on in the past.

So with the help of "Julie" and Laura I did it. Would welcome advice on where I go from here cos there's no way I'm stopping now! Am I better repeating this week a few times or gradually increasing distance and pace? In my late 50s so trying to avoid injury. A park run in a month or so? Found music helped so will try to use a good soundtrack I guess. Open to suggestions from you helpful lot out there!

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Great stuff - I graduated on Friday so am at the same stage. I plan to keep running 3 times a week for 30 mins until it gets easier and then begin to increase. Oh yes, and put together some running play lists!


I would definitely recommend Parkrun, I've been done 14 throughout my C25K programme and they really are fab. 😀


Congratulations on your Graduation ! A fantastic achievement , Well done !

I would consilidate for a while doing 30 minutes 3 times a week , just to get used to running that time consistently . Then there's the C25k + podcasts , and yes , another vote here for Parkrun .

Happy Running ! :-) xxx


Thanks for the advice ...will carry on with the 30 min runs & see how it goes.

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I found, running 3 X 30 minutes was enough for a few weeks and then on a good day, kept running and in 43 minutes I had covered 5k! I then ran 3 X 5k for many weeks which I think was really good for me. On a good day, I ran a teeny bit further to 5.5k! Then I started to run 2 X 5 and a "long" run each week, slowly increasing distance - 6,7,8 and then a 10! Works for me and I have even gone as far as a 15k that way


Congratulations! Let us know what you do! I hope to graduate next week and so am right behind you.....


Congratulations! You need a badge!

I graduated in early July. Since then I've run for 30 mins 3x a week. As part of that I've done 3 park runs. I'm now at the stage of needing to have another goal so I should start one of the 5k+ podcasts but for some strange reason I'm nervous about them!

Please keep us posted - it's so encouraging to read what other graduates are doing!


Thanks - good advice here. i know I'll need other goals to keep me motivated. Having said that I can't wait for tomorrow's run. Didn't realise how addictive this can become! I've already done my checks (weather ok tomorrow am, running gear washed & ready etc). I find reading the blogs is so helpful too.

My PE teacher of 40 plus years ago would never have believed this of me! Hated every PE lesson from age of 11.

Couple of questions about park runs - do you just turn up? Are they timed?


Congratulations! I hope you feel really proud.

That badge suits you really well!

Perhaps consolidate for a few runs then start to extend to do your 5k if you haven't reached that already. Mix it up a bit to find out what you enjoy.


Park runs - go on the website and register. You'll get a barcode which you need to print out and bring with you. (I've stuck mine on a piece of card and covered it in sticky-back plastic Blue Peter style!)

Then you just turn up! Runs start at 9 and I would get there for 8.40. They'll be a new runners briefing, then announcements for all and then off you plod! You get given a barcode as you finish and then you show that and your own barcode to the scanner people. A couple of hours later your time will be on the website for your particular run.

My local park run is Banbury. So far I've been 3 times in 3 weeks! Once at Banbury, once at Stratford upon Avon and once at Keswick. Back to Banbury this Saturday.


Yeah! Just seen I'm a graduate now! Mixing it up sounds good.

Thanks for advice about park runs. I'll look it up.


Congratulations on joining those that have graduated.

I am still jogging 3 times a week despite the weather at times being too hot or to wet.

I am doing 2 30 minute runs in the week in the morning before work and then trying to push myself on a longer distance over the weekend. Music does take your mind off and trying to find my ideal combination of music to keep me going.


Congratulations! Make sure you've got some good shoes and a gait analysis if you haven't already as this is what caused my injury. Happy running! Badge looks great. :)


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