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W7R1 - the hardest run so far!

I'm glad to have got that under my belt! This was my second 25 minute run, W7R1. It felt harder than friday's W6R3 by a long way for some reason. I really had to dig in to make sure I at least matched Friday for duration & distance. I had a mad notion before I started that if I felt ok at the end of the 25 minutes, I'd carry on and try to ratchet up my distance to 4km (and again on the next two runs this week). As I passed 25 minutes and Laura told me to stop, I gritted my teeth and made myself keep going, looking at my wrist frequently urging the time and distance on!

Did anyone else find this run surprisingly hard after the euphoria of W6R3?

My run - connect.garmin.com/modern/a... was a nice one, along the towpath of the Thames and alongside Christ Church Meadows.

I wonder if I should have had some breakfast before running?

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I found W7 the hardest of the lot, I think it was the mental realisation that there were no more walking periods from now on. Others say W6 is hard and maybe I expected W7 to come easy after reading others' challenges with W6. Generally some runs are harder than others; tiredness, the weather, the length of recovery time all come into it. They all do some good. You are continuing to make progress.


I found everything since wk6 tough. The programme takes you up slowly for a reason. Why push it - trust Laura, she knows when you're ready. Its all about building up stamina and muscles slowly - too fast or far, quick to injury. You might think in wk 7 what's the difference 25 mins and 30 - well Laura takes you 9 runs, yes, 9 to get you up to that final run - the programmes aimed at getting you happily to 30 mins / 5k by the END of wk 9. So, yes, it will be difficult but you'll do it if you don't over push it. Nag, nag!


You're right - thanks! It's just that I was perhaps getting overconfident.


Very good advice Buffers! Are you running tomorrow? Shall I nag you early?


I'm telling everyone that I'm going to run tomorrow so woe betide me if I don't now. Plan for 6.30am. I must not be lazy. I will do it. This forum, again, makes one get out there. Fingers crossed.


Yes, Buffy, we all want to know how you get on tomorrow. Hope it's all pain free and it gives you the buzz again!


I must admit I found Wk7r1 the hardest run so far after the Euphoria of wk6r3. I completed the first run this morning but it wasnt as easy as I thought it would be. But I did it and now on to run 2!!!!


The second run of W7 wasn't easy, but it was far better than the first. My legs were certainly feeling it as I neared the end. Good luck with yours!


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