First run

Been on this forum for about a week now, but my poor old music player was so old I couldn't download the first podcast! So when the new one arrived I had no more excuses and finally did my first walk/run yesterday. And just seeing all the positive posts on here before starting was a good encouragement too :) So thanks everyone. Might not have started without this little community!


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  • It's a great movement to be part of and you should thank your lucky stars that you landed here because it quite possibly might be your saviour. This community is not little, it's actually huge! It just feels small because it's so friendly and personal. People here are great and will help you every step of the way and pick you up if you fall. They will kick your butt if needs be too

    You have done the hardest part of the programme now, which is that first walk/run. Take care, listen to Laura, do what she says and you'll be fine. Be slow!!!! No need for speed at all. Speed comes after you graduate.

  • Brilliant! Thank you. I suspect I may well need some picking up and butt kicking along the way lol :D

  • well done on starting ,i am still reasonably new to C25k. Starting Week3 tomorrow. like everyone says Slow and Steady :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement and well done you too. Second run tomorrow and I will keep it slow and steady :)

  • welcome! well done for starting - it's a great programme and lots of good advice and encouragement here, so keep popping back

  • Thanks :)

  • Well done, I am going week 1 R2 tomorrow. I actually can't wait. Am a bit stiff today but I did a load of gardening as well as the run/walk on Sunday.

  • Excellent! I felt pretty much the same as yourself. Bit of gardening and helping hubby with some DIY. But doing R2 tomorrow too

  • Post how you get on

  • Hey Molly. Did R2 this morning. Really pleased as it seemed easier than the first one. so hopefully R3 will be even better. Also found that stretching the leg muscles at the end has made a world of difference. How did you get on?

  • Well done. I wimped out was going to go after work but very late off. I will go in the morning and let you know

  • Oh I did that yesterday morning and then just seemed to get far too busy! Happened to wake up early this morning and took advantage of the early sunshine. Good luck for tomorrow morning

  • Got out after work. Really pleased I went. Still found it hard hopefully will get a bit easier

  • Well done! I have to go in the morning otherwise I think I'd lose impetus by the end of the day! Only one more to go and we've completed Week 1. Yay! :)

  • Yeah - another convert to the C25K family of nutty runners !

    Welcome and enjoy the giggles.

  • I can' wait to finish wk 1 even that will seem a great achievement

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