Run 1 week3

Holey Moley, legs felt good but lungs felt like bursting !!!, but boy did I feel good afterward. I also declined a glass of wine or two last night as I was determined to run first thing and didnt want to feel as an added bonus saved myself 500 calories as well. It,s all good.Really enjoying this programme.enjoy your day fellow runners. jeni

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  • Nice work jen. If lungs are bursting they're getting bigger. You can have some of that wine today another bonus ;-)

  • yeh, already cooling,Ha Ha.

  • Great stuff!

    Onwards and upwards...

    Enjoy week 2 :)

  • Ta, cant wait for run 2.

  • Well done on getting to week 3, and on your self control...

  • Well done Jenni , hope teh rest of week is good too :D

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