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First 10k! :) Bit of a pain in the neck!

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Quick post as SHATTERED! and just about to have dinner........................... but... did my first 10 k tonight along cycle track after work, accompanied by Boz who had to do my slower pace. Hard work but we did it and with a mini sprint finish! :) lots of aches part way along, mainly 1 knee and bad ache between shoulders and bottom of neck, i was probably not relaxed enough? But got there :) lots of runners and cyclists out, had to go walk George dog after- the hill in big field NOT good and it was nearly dark, then drove home and now ready to veg out! Wanted to do within estimated time for Bournemouth 10k (in 3 weeks time!) of 1hr10 mins, and tonight was 1hr 9mins 24 secs! pace 6.55 average. so pleased but to collapse now :)

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Ali! :-)

Well done and massive congratulations! Great time for your first 10K; that must give you sooooo much confidence for the Bournemouth 10K!

What great news; I'm so pleased to hear this! Well done; you'll be feeling elated for ages!

The aches and pains are normal; you're still getting used to the distance. I get them all the time too as the distance and times increase. If they persist and feel really bad then there may be an issue, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

Well done! :-)

Thanks M_Y

:) Feeling a bit like a zombie! Didn't have a big lunch and not enough drinks today so bit lacking in energy, but yes am pleased to have made it that far! Furthest before that was 8.6k so pleased that i've proved to myself i can do it. Hope your week going ok then, will let you know tomorrow if the aches wear off :) x

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Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to aliboo70

I knew you could do it! :-)

You'll have a brilliant race! :-) x

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Hi Ali, that's fantastic! Your first 10k and such a good time too! You deserve to feel really pleased with yourself and now you will be ready for Bournemouth, no problem! Maybe a nice neck and shoulder massage to ease those aches? Sometimes I get achey if im a bit tensed up. Happy running :-D

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aliboo70 in reply to no-excuse

thanks No-excuse! Been feeling tired out today, might be to do with getting up for a wee and convinced it was time to get up for a cuppa when it was only 3.40am :( couldn't settle down after that much! Not too achy today though in general :)

Wow - that's impressive! Enjoy your (late) dinner!

Thanks! :) still a bit amazed, very tired today! Hope to go on a short one tomorrow! :)

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Hi Ali, It's not surprising that you ache. It is a long way! Don't worry you will be fine tomorrow and fit to run the day after. 10 k! Flippin eck. We have come on a bit haven't we!

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aliboo70 in reply to misswobble

We're doing ok i reckon, don't think my progress has been that swift but slow and steady? You've done amazingly well :) Definitely noticed my breathing has improved alot but legs more achy than usual on that one! think i will try a more interesting seafront route as its one long tarmac path on the cycle track with only a few pretty bits, but a good test for the distance :) I like to have little markers to get to on my usual route............... feeling ok in general joints wise but just tired but there is a bit of a lurgy going round :(

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10 k Aliboo!

You now know you can do it for your run in 3 weeks and you've cracked it with plenty of time to spare:) what a confidence boost.

I also think your time - running on your own - was capital A-maz-ing. Xx

Is the plan for 2 more weeks of effort and a week tapering? Or are you following another plan?

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aliboo70 in reply to jaxmc64

Thanks thats a lovely comment! :) Yes pleased to have proved i can get there! My 10k in Bournemouth is really flat and lots of music on the way so it should be good! I did run with Boz too, he's alot faster than me usually, his estimated time for Bournemouth is 45 mins so he needs to gain 20 mins. he usually does 5k in 23 mins! But i have done much more training than him(hes a cyclist really) so we'll see! He just said to me earlier"do you always chat that much when running?" i don't but wanted to pass the time as the routes a bit same-ey!! (can't spell that?!)

Going to do (hopefully) a 5k sat, 6-7k ish on tuesday club and maybe a longer one each thurs but prob not the last one before race! :) NO definite plan!

Not to achy but definitely tired today ...................

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Oh very well done Ali, that's brilliant. Just what you needed to do to give you confidence for the race. Congratulations m'dear. Now go demand a neck and shoulder massage from OH, oh and tea, and chocolate, and a bubble bath, and warmed slippers.......... ;)

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aliboo70 in reply to AncientMum

Thanks Ancientmum! :) He was tired too! Did send him to Sainsbury's for our favourite pies for tea last night, they are the best- "Pieminister" expensive but VERY yummy! Figured as had burnt 850 cals could have a treat! :) Hope all my joints hold out, feel ok-ish today mainly tired out! :)

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Well done ali. It is a wonderful feeling and a quite fantastic feat. Enjoy your rest day, hopefully without too many aches and pains.

Your 10k race should hold no fears now!!

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aliboo70 in reply to runner56

Thanks runner56! ! got more determined after turn around point that i WOULD make it! Surprised Boz with a mini race up the little hill with 1.5k to go, to keep him on his toes! My hills are definitely improving! :) not too achy today but tired, lurgy going round tho so hope not getting that? Hope it will be good, 3 weeks tomorrow!! :)

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Well done ali. It is a wonderful feeling and a quite fantastic feat. Enjoy your rest day, hopefully without too many aches and pains.

Your 10k race should hold no fears now!!

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Oh Ali, Im sorry Im late to the party :-) Just wanted to add my congratulations to you, what a brilliant achievement ! You've got it in the bag now, well done to you ! Hope you enjoyed your pie :-D xxx

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aliboo70 in reply to poppypug

excellent pie thanks! :) thanks poppypug :)

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Ooh well done! I'm doing the Bournemouth 10K too! I'm looking forward to running on a flat course so hope to manage something near an hour.

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aliboo70 in reply to karlotta

Might bump into you then though I guess it will be busy! Not been before, it should be fun! I was at college in bournemoth but 25yrs ago, good luck for your run we will have to compare posts after! :)

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Yes! It looks like there were tons of runners last year - bit nervous of running with so many others!

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aliboo70 in reply to karlotta

i've only done parkrun so far! eek! sure we'll be fine! :)

Well done! It's great that you were well under your target time. Good luck with the Borenmouth 10K!

thanks Megan, it was a close thing but made it! :)

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